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Apr 30, 2007 08:54 AM

12 women for bachelorette?

I need a place for 12 women for a bachelorette that I've been planning (or not planning very well) for a couple of weeks now. Can't think of a great place that has both good food and is not over the top expensive, nor snoozy. Don't want anything too "chi chi", but want something that's fun & cool. Tried buddakhan, but they only do 2 seatings, and were not very helpful. Help?

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  1. How about Stanton Social?

    1. Alta would be fun. You can share plates and the drinks are fantastic.

      Mine was at Avenue A sushi, which was a lot of fun, but it sounds like you want more upscale that that. It worked great for cheap cocktails and decent, fun sushi rolls and appetizers (that we all shared) for ~$45 per person, but it was also full of 21st birthday groups doing sake bombs. (not that there's anything wrong with that :)

      1. If you like Spanish tapas, Alta (cheaper) and Tia Pol are great options. Alta has a "shebang" option which you can order everything from the menu. Tia Pol has a back room. The new Suba sounds like a fun place as well, though I haven't visited since it reopened.

        For Italian, you can always try Otto and Lupa.

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          I think freemans would be a blast, especially if you can get the back room.

          Also, spice market would definitely be able to accomodate.

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            I actually have reservations at Spice Market, but people here slam it really that bad? I went there a couple of years ago for a party and it was fine, but truth be told I had been drinking...

            1. re: nmg1028

              i liked it when i went. i think the atmosphere fits right into what you are looking for

              1. re: dec132

                Agave on 7th Ave. South & W. 10th St. should make you happy. They cater to groups, have terrific food and drinks, and it's resonably priced. We often see large party groups there celebrating.