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Apr 30, 2007 08:45 AM

Buying Nuts in Bulk

where can i buy nuts and dried fruit in bulk? i like to make my own trial mix and cant find bulk bins anywhere! I live downtown so someplace close would be ideal!

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  1. Kalyustan's has them - not quite downtown - Lex and 30th or so.

    1. We Are Nuts About Nuts is 165 Church St at Chambers. Only shopped there once, but they were fine.

      1. The fruit and vegetable store in the Chelsea Market (9th Ave around 15th St) has nuts in bulk and better prices than Kalustyans. They sell small and large containers of many dried fruits too, but I don't remember the fruit being available in bulk.

          1. re: akk

            Amazing organic dried mango at the sweet life. Best dried fruit I've ever had. I'd also recommend nuts about nuts, and there is also bazzini's which i've never been to. If you're up for a brooklyn foray sahadis is always excellent.

            1. re: Produce Addict

              The LES has a few good shops on Hester you can browse.
              My faves though are Sahadi's on Atlantic Ave, and Vintage on Brighton Beach Ave. The best nuts, IMHO, are in Brooklyn. : )