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Apr 30, 2007 08:43 AM

Leftover BBQ food

I had a party on Saturday and had the food done by a local catering outfit. I have so much leftover and I hate to let it go to waste. I have spareribs, chicken, and pulled pork (all fully cooked) leftover and wondered if I can freeze it. If so, how long will it be ok in the freezer? How would I reheat it? Thanks!

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  1. pulled pork freezes okay. you can also pull the chicken off the bones yourself and freeze your new "pulled chicken", but i wouldn't rec freezing the chicken with bones or the cooked spareribs. can you eat the bony stuff in the next couple days? if you have too much you should have another BBQ! reheat pulled pork or chx on stovetop with a little more sauce if nec., or in micro. you can serve in sandwiches with coleslaw, beans or veggies & should be just fine.

    1. You can freeze all the BBQ meats. We BBQ in our own smoker regularly, filling the smoker to its limit. We eat some of it immediately but freeze most of it for later eating. I just smoked 3 chickens on Saturday, we ate some of one but froze everything else.

      It should be good for a few months, assuming your freezer is good and cold. I've never kept anything more than about 2-3 months, we like the stuff too much! We reheat by putting into a hot (350F) oven until warm. It's that simple.

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        really, you don't get that "bone" taste? i haven't had success with freezing smoked chickens with skins on-- only fish.

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          The chicken isn't on the bone, only the ribs. Still ok to freeze, do you think? Is there any special way I should prepare them (foil?, plastic wrap?, baggies?) when I go to freeze them? I agree.... I don't think this stuff will last 2-3 months. Way too delicious!

          1. re: cjc519

            We use freezer bags. Press down to expel air from the bag, label and freeze. I agree 2-3 months is silly when the food is so good.

            Soupkitchen, I don't know what the bone taste is. I always smoke chickens 3 at the time because that's what will fit, have been doing so for years. They taste great, freshly cooked or reheated. I use a spicy rub on them, as well as ribs, pulled pork etc. Perhaps that makes a difference in flavor.

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              hmm. our rub is spicy too. i must admit we don't usually freeze leftovers because there isn't much. maybe i'm sensitive to the bone taste. pulled pork is another subject & i think everyone should have a pint in the freezer.

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                Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the bones impart a lot of flavour?? Perhaps it's something else you're tasting??


                1. re: Davwud

                  it's the taste of a cooked bone that has already given its "flavour" to the Q and now has none of it's own. when frozen, the spent bone tastes to me like calcified mineral deposits. the longer it is frozen the worse the problem gets. it adversely affects most cooked bone-in meats to be frozen after they've been cooked, besides the deterioration of meat texture. boneless works much better.

        2. If you have a Foodsaver, it takes all the air out of the bag before you freeze. Found a packaged of fish with vegetables dated May 7 in the freezer yesterday with absolutely NO freezer burn, amazing.

          Jfood brought pounds of BBQ from Sonny Bryans years ago and always froze it but always ate in 2-3 months. With a Foodsaver you are talking multiple times the length of the freezer bags, could be 10-12 months.

          1. Anything you don't want to freeze would be greatly appreciated by your local shelter.

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              I have actually done that in the past (about 5 years ago), and that was what my husband suggested. I thought that a shelter might not want it b/c of the liability. If you know of a shelter that will take it, I'd rather do that than freeze it. Thank you!

              1. re: cjc519

                Where are you located? You can call various non-profits and ask. Our local soup kitchen, run by a church, accepts donations.

                1. re: mojoeater

                  Just realized I didn't say... outside of Philadelphia.

            2. Try making something else out of the leftovers. I make a lot of bbq taquitos. Shred the chicken add bbq sauce cook down a little and roll in soft taco size flour tortillas. I then freeze in freezer bags. Then just nuke with wet paper towel for a minute or so til soft and put on baking sheet for about 20 minutes to crisp up, or just put in oven for about 40 minutes. Everyone loves them, can do with pork or beef too.