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Apr 30, 2007 08:30 AM

Restaurant recommendations for wedding reception party of 70?

I am looking for some recommendations for a restaurant that could be reserved for a wedding reception, and could hold around 70 people for a sit down dinner. A nice atmosphere would be appreciated, in addition to good food and service. Chez Zee has provided us with a nice menu, as well as the Belmont although I've heard mixed reviews about the food at the Belmont.

Any suggestions or personal experiences would be appreciated. Also, the wedding will be in the fall.

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  1. My company recently hosted a function at the Shoreline Grill, in their private room downstairs. It was very well done, with good food and service. Location is nice too with lots of nice spots for pictures outside. I'd absolutely reccomend it.

    1. I had my rehearsal dinner for 80 people at the County Line at the Lake, in the back room with the covered porch extension - it was terrific. Also we thought of the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs. For something fancier but still Texas style maybe Fonda San Miguel could be rented out? The dining room looks beautiful and I would bet it would hold 70. I live near Chez Zee and I like their desserts and brunch but have never been happy with their dinner menu (though their patio room is very pretty)

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        Green Pastures does a fine job( In town, and you can rent the whole place or partial).Belmont food is iffy often ( even on slow nights). I bet they'd crumble with 70

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