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Apr 30, 2007 08:02 AM

Need opionions on Dolce on Melrose..


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  1. been there once... it wasn't that memorable. more a place for trendspotting in a dark room. i completely forgot what i ate... something with prosciutto i believe, but that should say something about how good the food was.

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      I went for dinner there once and have to agree - not memorable. Service was really nice, and there was a nice sommelier, but I had a glass of wine at the bar when waiting for the rest of my party to arrive, and it was practically 80 degrees. Maybe because of the flames behind the bar. I can't remember what I ate for dinner, probably a steak. We had some Kobe beef appetizer thing to start, which was fine. Thankfully I was on an expense account, because it all seemed overpriced to me.

      There are far better dining experiences in LA.

    2. I agree with the other reviews: nice atmosphere (though very dark), forgettable food. The wait staff and sommelier were extremely nice and the restaurant didn't feel pretentious. I had one of the specials, buffalo, which was decent but nothing great. My boyfriend had the osso bucco which he enjoyed as well. Though the food was good, it wasn't outstanding. The food alone would certainly never bring me back; there are plenty of other restaurants in the area with better food fare.

      1. From my experiences, terrible service, overpriced food ($45 for pasta?) and totally pretentious to boot. There's no good reason to go to Dolce, IMHO.

        Clare K.

        1. Thanks for the feed back. I am trying to find a real swank place WITH good food my 10th wedding anniversary. Any suggestions for the Santa Monica area??

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            Via Veneto on Main. I took a friend there for his birthday in March and we had the most wonderful perfect dinner experience there, start to finish.

            The Ivy still has its fans - myself one of them, big time.

            I also hear Michael's is wonderful and has a romantic patio, though I haven't been yet... I plan to get there this year.

            I've also heard wonderful things about Caffe Delfini up on Channel Road. A friend of mine with great taste has been both here and to the nearby Giorgio Baldi and he much more prefers Caffe Delfini.

            1. re: Timabruin

              Agree with the Dolce detractors--it's all about the pretentious scene, not about the food. I'm not sure if it qualifies as "swank," but you might want to look into Jiraffe in Santa Monica--excellent food.

              1. re: Timabruin

                What about Rustic Canyon or Canyon Rustic? Verbila reviewed it and it 's supposed to be really good...

                1. re: hazelnutty

                  Here's my review of Rustic from this weekend. I like it okay, but like I said in the review, it's unpleasantly loud.

                  For good food and swank (with good service) in Santa Monica, I'd suggest Abode or Chaya. I also think that the food is good and that The Penthouse is swanky, but the service is generally so terrible that it's really not worth to go there for anything more than a drink at sunset.

                  1. re: mollyomormon

                    Try Melisse in Santa Monica; good service and excellent food.

                    1. re: mollyomormon

                      Rustic Canyon is great but yes, loud, and not what I would call "swank" or special enough for a 10-year anniversary by any means. Would be good for an early pre-dinner drink though, when it's less crowded/loud.

                2. As mentioned by others the food is not great. If you interested in trying it out go on a Monday night. The whole menu is half price! For half off it's worth a try;-) I agree on Melisse...yum!