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Apr 30, 2007 07:53 AM

could grilling / bbq get its own board?

there are tons of great grilling / bbq discussions spread throughout various other boards (home cooking, cookware, general topics)......but it would be nice to have a main board for this worthy topic

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  1. i'd also like to see a bbq board in an ideal chowhound world. but not before some new geographical boards get broken up-- minneapolis/st paul, las vegas and san diego/cali esp! in the same vein but on the other end of the spectrum i think a vegetarian/vegan board would be really cool (i have a foot in both worlds, believe it or not).

    i am beginning to realize that breaking up the boards must be really complicated, because people have been squeaking about the geographical issues for some time, & other site "fixes" have happened much more swiftly. there must be technical issues i don't know about. still i think your suggestion is a good one, if any new board configurations are in the works. . .

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    1. What about adding a BBQ or general category of "Techniques" to the "Stories" link within CHOW and link that to Chowhound?

      I'd also enjoy an area of the site that was seasonal ie: grilling in summer, braising in winter--techniques!

      1. i typed bbq into search:

        Filter results by:

        * All (24512)
        * Recipes (21)
        * Topics (24422)
        * Stories (7)
        * Ingredients (0)
        * Blog Posts (62)

        seriously, the whole "can we have a board for this or that" sounds so whiny, and i've done it too, obviously - i just wish the search feature worked more efficiently - then it probably wouldn't matter as much whether certain topics had their own spot.