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Apr 30, 2007 07:45 AM

First meal to teach a kid to cook

We've taught our son to make scrambled eggs and omlettes (with supervision of course). Give me some other ideas of things that you've taught your kids or you remember being taught how to prepare - and still make.

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  1. Son: Oatmeal cookies using the recipe on the box. They turned out better than good!
    Daughter: Simple marinara sauce. I was always in the kitchen when they were cooking.

    They both prepped for me from about the age of 8 (+/-). At first they just assembled the ingredients, then as they got older they measured out the herbs and spices, progressing to chopping the vegetables. They both set the table for dinner when time and homework permitted. We used a "formal" setting so they would get used to using the various forks, etc.

    1. scrambled eggs here too -- also smoothies and pancakes

      1. muffins are easy, taste good, and give you a chance to talk about why you don't overbeat, and teaches what folding something (berries...) in is about.

        1. I was taught grilled cheese sandwiches.

          1. If I remember correctly, my mother taught me:

            Stage 1 (age 5-7). Cooked cereal; scrambled, boiled, and fried eggs; simple sandwiches; heating moochi; hot dogs; fruit salads; creamed spinach (yes, using Campbell's cream of mushroom); three bean salad (also from cans).

            Stage 2 (age 8-11). Rice; hamburgers (including mixing meat and making patties); green salads; salad dressings; miso soup; oyako donburi; stir fried meat, tofu, and vegetable combos; muffins; pancakes; waffles; teriyaki chicken and beef; soups & stews; sukiyaki, shabu-shabu; kim chee, Japanese quick pickles; rattatoulle; tacos; chili; beans; pasta sauces.

            Stage 3 (age 12-16). Enchiladas, burritos, chile rellenos, tamales, inari zushi, maki zushi, dolmas, lumpia, pies, ...