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Apr 30, 2007 07:37 AM

Goulash in Budapest

This month's Travel and Leisure magazine recommends Borbirosag as the place to go for goulash. The hotel concierge recommends a new restaurant Dio instead. Any opinions on either of these places? We are also going to Cafe Kor and Goa while in Budapest. Is Goa a good choice? Thanks

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  1. Read up on Budapesti eats at

    You can get pretty good gulyas, which is how the anglicized "goulash" will appear on Hungarian menus, at any decent Hungarian restaurant. I've never had fantastic gulyas, but I've never been to Borbíróság or Dió.

    1. Borbirosag is great. I'm particularly fond of their veal paprikas. Gulyas, a soup, is best at the Castro Bistro I think.