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Apr 30, 2007 07:31 AM

weeki wachee hernando county eats?

We're visiting the Hernando County area in July 07. Any good food there? Is is all chains? BBQ? Breakfast? Whatever's good. also looking for a b&b or place to stay like... la quinta or nicer. thanks.

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  1. i was planning a trip to that area myself - wanted to visit pine island beach and weeki wachee. i ran across some good reviews for a place called bayport inn for seafood and steaks. i gather it has a rather casual, biker bar type atmosphere but good food.

    this site has a listing of restaurants in that area, not many reviews though.

    these might help as well:

    1. I have heard from friends that the St Sebastien Brewery is good but have not as of yet had the pleasure of going there.

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        i think they closed down. i was bummed because i had planned on including that in my trip when i headed over that way.