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Apr 30, 2007 07:28 AM

Theater district

Without spending an arm or a leg, what fine dining places can you recommend in the '40's theater district?
I really love Vice Versa but am tired of going back to the same place all the time.
I have been to Marseille which is very nice.
How about Italian restaurants where you aren't arm to arm with the next table? Anything?

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  1. Vice Versa has a sister restaurant in the area called etcetera etcetera and it's really good.

    I went in December while visiting NY and ate there prior to going to A Chorus Line. I had the 3 course pre-fixe meal and it was delicious. I also was eating by myself but never felt out of place or ackward. The staff was very friendly and polite.

    1. I feel like a broken record, but check out Piano Due on 51st btw 6th and 7th. Zagat awarded it 26 points for food and everything is fantastic.

      1. I happened apone Scarlotto on 47th between bway and 8th, a few months ago and had a wonderful, simple meal.