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Apr 30, 2007 07:20 AM

Bachelor Party Dinner


After reading through several of the really informative posts on Montreal Bachelor Parties I've narrowed my choice down to Roaslie or Globe for the "expensive" dinner evening. Could anyone please comment as to which one would be a better option - this will also be on the night that we do traditional bachelor party activities.

If any of you are ever in Manhattan and need recs please look up my reviews!

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  1. Well, Rosalie's has the advantage of being right downtown so you have several clubs within easy walking distance to continue your festivities without the necessity of a cab.

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    1. re: Fritzy

      Thank you so much! I know neither is the epitome of great Montreal cusine but I figured both fit the bill of the old "locker room" definition of a boy's night out. I really appreciate the response.

      1. re: wingman

        Globe is much better than Rosalie and is on St. Laurent, where the clubs are much better than those that are near Rosalie. I would have dinner at Globe and then go across the street to Buena Notte.

        1. re: wingman

          Agree with gho. I have eaten at both countless times over the years. The food at Globe went downhill after McMillan left for Rosalie. Now that McMillan has moved on to Joe Beef, Rosalie has sunk below acceptable levels. I ate there last night, 4 of 8 mains went back untouched. Truly unacceptable. Suitable for drinks and people-watching only.