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Apr 30, 2007 07:18 AM

Lincoln Center area dining

I am new to the area and so far have found La Fenice, Fiorello's, Josephina's and Shun Lee to be very decent dining places.
Can you recommend any others?

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  1. Rosa Mexicano (61 Columbus Avenue at 62nd Street) is pretty good. There is an Ollie's near Lincoln Center as well which offers pretty good food at reasonable prices.

    1. Since you didn't specify a price range, I will just list out some of the options:

      Per Se, Masa, Porterhouse NY, Landmarc, Cafe Gray (all at Time Warner Center)
      Upscale - Jean Georges, Picholine, Telepan
      Moderately Priced - Compass, Gabriels

      1. ^^ Good options. I'd also just add:

        Bin 71
        Cafe Ronda (or Rhonda--I can never get this straight)
        Earthen Oven
        Meskerem (I hesitate to recommend b/c this location is very hit or miss; atm is not terribly attractive)
        Vince and Eddie's
        Josie's (I only like the cocktails, but lots of people love the food)

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Us Juilliard kids loved Cafe Mozart for a "fancy" dessert now and then. Il Violino was a favorite too. Of course, we also frequented every hole-in-the-wall chinese place we could walk to... Anything to escape cafeteria food! :)