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Apr 30, 2007 07:04 AM

vegetarian options at linda's

Does anyone recommend any vegetarian dishes at Linda's? Seems like it's mostly duck and shellfish dishes that have been recommended by chowhounds. I don't mind if fish sauce is coming in contact with the vegetable/tofu dishes, or if there's a little shrimp paste in the curry, but I don't want to be ordering anything where shrimp takes on a starring role.

I haven't been that impressed with the vegetarian dishes at Salad King- I am hoping the vegetarian options will be better at Linda's.

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  1. I've had a few really good veggie things there. There's definitely enough to choose from.

    Off the top of my head I can HIGHLY reccomend the soft paper hot pot - tastes amazing and gorgeous presentation. (Two people asked my wife what it was.) Everything there is good and, as far as I know, there is no shrimp paste in the curry - I think the vegetarian stuff is actually vegetarian but if someone knows otherwise I'd like to know that too...

    1. I noticed Linda's finally has a website:

      They have a section in the menu called "Interesting Vegetable Dishes". I don't know what a "Magic Twister" is, but for $12.50, it sure sounds unusual. :)

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      1. re: Tara9000

        where do u see the prices? for some reason i dont see any..

        1. re: hungryabbey

          I couldn't see the prices at first either. They are underneath the dishes, in black against an already dark background. If you select the text with your mouse, it might be highlighted in light grey.

          I was wondering about the "Magic Twister"- googled it and came up with nothing. Has anyone tried Magic Twister?

            1. re: phoenikia

              Yes - the twisters themselves are soy-based (I think), kind of chewy, spiral things inside a spicy / sweet sauce.

              1. re: thought_for_food

                Thanks thought for food.
                Haven't tried anything like that at a Thai restaurant before. Will give the Magic Twisters out this Friday.

        2. While I was a vegetarian (for a whole 3 months in '05), I ordered the Thai Islamic Noodle at Linda's and specified that I wanted it vegetarian (no chicken or shrimp)....Absolutely amazing!!! I actually enjoyed it more than the original version. You won't be disappointed!

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          1. re: tato

            What exactly are "Thai Islamic Noodles"? I've noticed them at Salad King and Flip, Toss, & Thai. I'm assuming that this is not a true Thai dish, as I've never heard of it before, but I'm very curious to know the composition.

            1. re: vorpal

              Thai Islamic Noodles are noodles with vegetables, chicken and shrimp, in a creamy coconut milk based sauce. My friend orders them everytime she goes to Salad King or Linda's. Although they aren't on the regular written menu at Salad King, it is my understanding that you can still order them from your server.

              Here's a link to an earlier thread on Islamic Noodles

          2. Went to Salad King for lunch the other day, I used to love this place before it was renovated. What has happened to the food? My dish (vegetarian) included mushrooms from a can. Enough said.