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Apr 30, 2007 05:47 AM

Rips in Bowie

My job is paying, what should I get?

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  1. Um . . . maybe a job with better perks? The food is OK there, nothing special.

    1. A sandwich in the deli next door and a case of Beamish.

      Rips restaurant food is not very good.

      1. There were 8 of us dining, we split appetizers of potato skins, crab balls, and bbq shrimp. I liked the potato skins as they had a good amount of potato flesh in them, and they were cut into smaller pieces, good for sharing. The crab balls seemed to be pretty crabby, which is a good thing. I had one shrimp and don't have much of an opinion of it.
        My entree was fish & chips which was also ok. I got 2 big slabs of fish which was cooked well: hot and moist on the inside, pretty dry on the outside, but I'm used to smaller pieces that are more finger/dip friendly. To me it's not a knife & fork kind of meal. The fries and the cole slaw were also pretty good.
        I ended with the bread pudding, my first time ever ordering it. I thought it was good as well, though I could have done without whatever liquid it was floating in. A couple other people ordered the applie pie a la mode which was huge; big enough for 2 scoops of ice cream.
        We were waited on by only one woman and she was able to handle us very well. I don't know if she had other tables to deal with or not.
        I still don't know if I like Rips or Olde Bowie Towne Grille better. I guess it'll come down to which errands I have to run afterwards, if any.