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Apr 30, 2007 05:27 AM

nice dinner near Willow Grove area

We are meeting people for dinner who will be staying at Marriott in Willow Grove. Looking for a nice place for dinner (no Asian) within about 15-20 minutes drive from the hotel. Any suggestions?

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  1. There are quite a few options within a 15-20 minute radius. Ambler is bout 15 minutes from Willow Grove and there are some great options along Butler Avenue. Bridget's is a great "hawaian-fusion" steakhouse with a great atmosphere and a really good bar that serves up some great martinis. Trax Cafe is a nice American BYO with an outdoor patio. La Cava is an upscale Mexican BYO.

    Also about 20 minutes from Willow Grove is Springhouse. Arpeggio is a very good Mediterranean BYO. Drating Room is good and has a great beer menu.

    If you want to stay in Wilow Grove, most of your options are chain restaurants. However, Bonefish Grill is pretty good for a chain.

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      thanks for the suggestions- I'll look into them! Not really interested in any chain type places.

    2. There is a German restaurant up the street - Otto's if I remember correctly. Food was pretty good, fairly authentic (brats, snitzels, kraut, etc) outdoor beirgarden.
      Trax in Ambler is a fantastic place too. Its in a little (very little) old train station at the end of the main drag in Ambler. You would probably need a reservation.
      Just further afield from Ambler is Tamarindo's, another upscale Mexican with free margaritas. It gets pretty busy at times, so depending it you are dining prime time you may want a reservation. Everything I have every had there was tasty.

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        I'd stay away from Otto's if I were you - it's pretty bland. A better choice would be the Kitchen Bar in Old York Road, a few minutes south of Willow Grove. Or, you might enjoy the Old Mill on Old York Road in Hatboro, a few minutes north of Willow Grove. The Kitchen Bar is pretty hip and the Old Mill is a bit more staid.

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          Both the KitchenBar (it used to be Alexanders) and the Old Mill are good choices, for different reasons. BTW, the grilled octopus appetizer at KitchenBar is fantastic. Old Mill is much more sedate, somewhat romantic, etc.

        2. re: mymagoogle

          I heard a rumor that Otto's was sold and is being converted to a diner (as if the area needs another diner). Its such a shame. I know Otto's did not have the best food but it was a nice option seperate from all of the chain restaurants and diners on 611. Plus, they had a decent beer selection and their beer garden was so much fun in the summer!

        3. I'll second what Ambler Girl recommended about Arpeggio(Italian/Mediterranean mix) in Springhouse. The food is delicious and it's BYO. They do not rush you even though there are usually people waiting for tables. So you can take the time to sit and chat.

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            1. Hi,
              The Kitchen bar (formerly Alexanders) is a very popular restaurant in the area. It has been newly renovated and the decor is pretty nice. The food is decent, and they have a nice big selection. Also, they have outdoor seating now. If the weather is nice, give it a try. It is about 15 minutes from your hotel.