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Apr 30, 2007 04:35 AM

yuzu juice? where can i get it?

i just had omakase at sushi zo. finished it off with this great dessert drink that i found out to be yuzu juice. but i can't find it anywhere. does anybody know where i can get a bottle or crate full of this stuff? its soo good!

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  1. Have you checked with the local Japanese markets, (Mitsuwa - Centinela @ Venice Blvd., Nijiya - Sawtelle just a half block north of Olympic on the east side, Safe & Save - on Sawtelle half a block south of La Grange)? If they don't have it then maybe Marukai in Gardena might.

    1. The Japanese markets tony has mentioned will all carry them. They're with the condiments (unrefrigerated) and come in a very small bottle. Don't be alarmed when you open it and it's an opaque, yellow/gray color. My fiance and I tried replicating the Zo dessert juice, and all you have to do is keep adding water and simple syrup (sugar water) until you like how it tastes. We couldn't get it exactly the same, but thought that might be due to the particular brand we found.

      1. Try Surfas in Culver City. I am pretty certain I have seen it there.

        1. Hello, pooper. I had exactly the same experience a year or so ago, and posted on this as well. I tried everything, and we finally resorted to finding a yuzu tree to plant in our yard so that we could make our own drink. After juicing a couple of fruits and reducing the yuzu syrup, I still could not duplicate what we enjoyed at Sushi Zo. We were told that he gets it from Japan, and short of there-and-back, I just don't think our markets carry what he is serving. Yes, it was memorable!

          1. Surfas does carry it. Keep in mind however, that anytime you buy pre-squeezed yuzu juice, it's going to be pasteurized (all the ones I've seen anyway). The yuzu that Zo serves doesn't taste pasteurized, so if he's buying it from Japan, that means he's getting it flown in every few days and it's probably incredibly expensive. I think the closest you'll get is squeezing your own. (Yuzus are the size of a key lime, and it takes a hell of a lot of fruit to yield even a couple cups of juice)

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              You're right, the pasteurized stuff takes on a bitter flavor. I'd thought it was kind of a grassy taste, but now that I think about it it's probably just a cooked taste from the pasteurization.