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Apr 29, 2007 10:40 PM

Crabby jack's what to get there?

thanks and is it clsoe to the f.o. thanks.

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  1. i love their duck po-boy and gumbo, and the shrimp po-boy is quite good, too. it is on jefferson highway, just outside of new orleans in jefferson. it's a car ride, but not far...

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    1. re: theglutton

      Don't forgot the plate lunches. The blacken drum is excellent and a real steal.

      1. re: Frolic

        is there easy access via taxi over there? and then back so won't be stranded. thanks again.

        1. re: kevin

          Call United Cab. They can indeed pick you up. You might have to wait a bit on the return trip, so either call before you're done or order dessert.

          1. re: kevin

            It's a straight shot down claiborne from downtown. You shouldn't have a problem getting a taxi THERE, but you may have to bribe the driver w/ a sandwich to come back for you.

            I like the shrimp and/or oyster poor boy, and the fish tacos are a nice change of pace. Gumbo is one of my faves, it's very dark and black pepper-y.

            1. re: JGrey

              one last thing.

              how far is the cab ride? what'll be the fare? like 10 bucks or 15 bucks/ thanks.

              1. re: kevin

                15 minute cab ride from the FQ. Shouldn't be more than $15, unless fares have gone way up the last time I was in one (pre-K), or unless they take you on the "scenic route." Tell them to take Claiborne, not St. Charles.

                1. re: JGrey

                  if they have the fried green tomato and shrimp remoulade po-boy get it, its amazing.

                  I also cosign the duck po-boy and the blackend drum plate lunch.

                  Fried Chicken used to be amazing as well, dont know if thats changed, RIP Austin Leslie.

                  The place is great, and I havent had anything that was less than good, but i moved away and its been a couple of years since ive been there

              2. re: JGrey

                The fish tacos are my fav. Very nice grouper or white fish in a blue corn taco shell. They add cheese here, which is not typical of a Baja style fish taco. A nice local twist.

                I recommend the plate lunches. Try the mac and cheese as a side, made with jalepenos which gives it a nice kick.

        2. The first three times, the duck po boy!! If you are lucky enough to go four times try the Muffalato(sp). It is certainly better than a well known one in the Quarter.

          They've a soup too... Turtle? Can't remember for sure.

          1. Stuffed mirliton is excellent too, if they've got it. And, on our recent visit, we discovered that even the big salads are well-made (not an easy thing to find in New Orleans)!

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            1. re: PayOrPlay

              I had the Cochon de Lait po boy yesterday, and it was fantastic. Also, the duck is amazing, and the rabbit is very good.

              1. re: mikemill

                I am unfamiliar with the Cochon de Lait. I'll be down there by the end of the month. I'll try it!!!!

                1. re: mikemill

                  I also thought the couchon de lait was one of the best sandwiches I ever ate.

                  Oh, and I personally think their gumbo is the best in the city - bar none

                  1. re: paz5559

                    Really, I've never had anything that wasn't excelent there. Looking at the responses, I think everyone agrees.

                    1. re: happy12

                      i had the slow roasted duck po boy and it merely tasted luck pot roast, not very tasty pot roast at that (i though it was going to taste like the exceptional roast duck dish done at Brigsten's).

                      but the blackened gulf drum fish with a chili hollandaise crawfish sauce was very good. and so was the potatoe salad.

                      i should've of sprung for the french fry and gray po boy. that sounds delicious. so did the paneed rabbit? has anyone tried the rabbit?