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Apr 29, 2007 10:39 PM


what to order?
no pork dishes?

also for desseerts wha't good? i toook a look at the online menu, sounded sort of boring, the desserts that is.

also, how much will it run per person?

and do you think the proprietors/waitstaff would have a problem if the diner in my party just had a drink no food? i'm a trencherman, but my friend will probably not be even after one dish at jazz fest.

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  1. The last time I was at brigtsen's I had a rabbit appetizer which was amazing. I don't see it on the menu online but if they have rabbit, it was such a surprise hit with everyone in my party. The duck with the cornbread stuffing is really yummy and I also had the pork tenderloin but it looks like you might not want pork. For dessert I definitely recommend the banana bread pudding and their pecan pie. I am a pastry chef and very particular about desserts and I definitely have enjoyed both there. I have no idea about how they would feel if a person in your party didn't order food as I am always there with a bunch of big time eaters so it's never an issue. I am sure you can always call ahead to see what their policy is.
    enjoy, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the area,

    1. The seafood platter is always pretty spectacular.

      I would call about the person drinking only. If it's, say, 1 out of 6 people, just have them order appetizers for other people. If it's just you and that person, I think that would be weird.

      1. Their chocolate cake is out of this world. So is the chicken.
        Do not be put off by the online menu. The food is perfectly done.
        I think they'd be okay with one person not dining, but you should let them know.

        1. Brigtsen's is our favorite restaurant in New Orleans. Our favorite apps there are the Shrimp Remoulade and the Fried Catfish. The catfish will really surprise you. Main courses we love are the duck, any gulf fish dish and the seafood platter (nothing fried on this platter). Warning: the duck listed on the on-line menu was what he was serving in the fall and winter. It is now the same duck with the most incredible skin you have ever tasted, but with a dried cherry sauce rather than the cornbread dressing and honey pecan gravy. I had it last week and it is excellent, but I liked the cornbread dressing, etc. better. Favorite desserts are the Double Chocolate Cake, Pecan Pie with Caramel Sauce and the Strawberries with Tres Leches Cake. Last week they had a Strawberry Shortcake that was out of this world.

          1. If the cafe au lait creme brulee is available, order it. It is delicious. One of the better "flavored" creme brulee renditions in NOLA.

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              so out of the cafe au lait creme brulee (i'm not usually a fan of creme brulees), the chocolate cake, and the strawberry shortcake, which is top notch and not to be missed. thanks.

              also, how long is taxi cab ride from the french quarter/cbd area to Brigsten's. thanks.

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                I've never had the creme brulee, so can't compare it. Between the chocolate cake and the strawberry shortcake, I would opt for the shortcake, but if you are a chocolate lover, that cake is incredibly good. Now, didn't that help?!

                1. re: ddavis

                  The best meal we had in NOLA last week was at Brigtsen's. We've been there before and we enjoyed it even more this time! Chef Frank is still #1.

                  Everything ordered by our party of four was outstanding. Gumbo, shrimp & crawfish remoulade, and house salad were great. Entrees were sheepshead and drum fresh from the gulf and perfectly prepared to bring out the wonderful flavor of the fish. Desserts included creme brulee, sorbet trio, and banana bread pudding. The service was friendly and low-key, but attentive. Figure on $50-$60 person with wine and coffee, plus tip .

                  The cab ride from the central business district is about $12, plus tip (we had 4 in the cab) and should take about 10 minutes, but since most of NOLA's veteran cabbies have been replaced by recently arrived Haitian and Nigerian immigrants, it can take longer. Our driver spoke almost no English and I had to navigate to help him find the place. Marna called us a United Cab while we were having our coffee and he was at the door when we finished our meal.

                  Call NOW for reservations, especially on Saturday night. They're always busy and well worth the cab ride. Enjoy!