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Mango Lassi

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Any recommendations for a good Mango Lassi? I want more of this...

I went to the Renaissance (swap-meet & cleavage) Pleasure Faire today and what stands out in my mind the most (well, almost the most) was the Mango Lassi I had along with my Chicken Curry Plate. This was my first Mango Lassi and I want more. Chunks of mango floating in a semi-thick delicious drink. It was like part drink, part mango desert and altogether satisfying. So I came home and searched Chowhound and found a place that I will try at lunchtime tomorrow – India Sweets & Spices (8 locations). It is so nice to have something so good to look forward to – Right?

India Sweets & Spices

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  1. Where do you live? Many Indian restaurants have Mango Lassi on their menus. It is not something that you have to go out of your way to find.

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      SGV, but hey, If a really good meal is to be had along with a really good mango lassi, then anything goes. My Thanks, JeetJet?

    2. Just a head's up - mango lassi is normally made with mango puree, not pieces of mango. Don't want you to be disappointed!

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        For a quick fix blend some mango puree or chunks with kefir yogurt and sugar syrup.

      2. My favorite is the one from Bharat's Bazzar/Samosa House. It's not too thick, not too sweet and not too funky. It's perfectly balanced... :D


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          everything that i've had served to me at samosa house has been excellent.

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            Mmmmmm, yes, the mango lassi at Samosa House is tops.

          2. I love All India Cafe in Pasadena. They have great Mango Lassis and you must try the Eggplant Salad. .. so yummy I order 2 of them.


            1. If you're at an I.S.& S. with a grocery-store component (I'm not sure that all of them have it, but I think they do) you'll also find cans of pre-prepped mango puree from which you can blend up your own at home any time! This can pose a serious mango addiction issue for some....

              1. In the Valley, the Clay Oven in Sherman Oaks has a great version. India Sweets & Spices way up on Lindley has a good one, too, and it's much cheaper. Clay Oven is a bit sweeter, and IS&S is more tangy. I enjoy both.

                1. Like the posters have noted, most (if not all) Indian restaurants have a Mango Lassi on their menus. They vary in quality somewhat, but are usually delicious. I particularly like the one at BOMBAY CAFE in West LA. I had three or four in one day when I visited Little India in Artesia because they sell them everywhere. Everyone seems to use canned mangos for the lassi's. I don't think I have ever had fresh mango in a lassi in the USA.