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Apr 29, 2007 10:04 PM

Susina Bakery - Choc Raspberry Cake

After reading lots of hype about Susina Bakery I decided to make the drive and pick up a slice of cake for my dessert tonight. I was in a chocolate mood so I chose their chocolate raspberry cake - "Three layers of chocolate devil's food cake brushed with berry liqueur, filled with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries and covered with dark chocolate curls" I actually printed out their menu to take with me which was helpful because they didn't have any labels or descriptions of the cakes in their case. The guy was helpful though and described each cake I asked about. (I was hoping for a slice of strawberry shortcake but he said those are mostly order only, not available for slices). I would have tried the berry blossom but I'm not a big fan of white chocolate. :( The chocolate raspberry cake was very moist, great texture, and I loved the mixture of the mousse and raspberries. I'm not a professional photographer like some of you guys so forgive the poor quality of my photo. :) Perhaps next time I'll try their raspberry lemon dream if they have it.

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  1. Your photo is enough to cause me to salivate, dinami! We were there mid-day this past Saturday and they were doing a very nice business. Most of the tables were occupied, and even the outside tables were all full. There was a continuous line for ordering, and we saw everything on the table from sandwiches to decadent chocolate pastries. The only problem I see if trying to decide what to order!

    1. Yum! That will be my next try. Do try the berry blossom one day if you like whipped cream and white cake. I don't like white chocolate much either, and I love that cake. The crispy meringue topping is so great.

      1. Any white chocolate in the berry blossom cake cake is a mild flavoring agent. It takes like soft cake, cream, and fruit in that order. Also, a very reasonablt $35 for a nine inch...