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Apr 29, 2007 09:31 PM


I have developed a taste fro this, GT's to be exact. And wanna make it at home. Any methods to share? Is it bad to drink too much of it? Share! Share please!

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  1. check out old posts by "pei" also search for pei's old name "nooodles" (note it si spelled with three o's) +kombucha....great, posts & very interesting w/ detailed instructions.

    also look at pei also has a website with photos of the production... it is pretty neat!

    1. there was also a long post w/links under the BEER board-- since kombucha is fermented, several of those crazy homebrewers had to try it & posted their tips.

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        I think the GT website says to have one bottle a day. Everything in moderation (including moderation!)

      2. I make my own Kombucha with culture, and when i bottle it i add some bluebereries, pomegranate juice, or ginger. It is SOOO delishhhh. I recomend getting a culture and making it homemade. Its pretty easy and fun. + it tastes better.

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          I bought a starter scoby off ebay for less than $10 and have been making it for a couple months at home. I don't drink more than one a day, but I don't know if could even be bad for you if you drink more.

          I've added ginger and mint when I bottled (on separate occasions) and both have been wonderful. I highly recommend a little DIY Kombucha for everyone! Here are some pictures...