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Apr 29, 2007 09:04 PM

North Jersey (Paterson) Cuban Food

Where near Paterson, NJ can I find some good cuban cafeterias. I really would like to try some and am especially looking forward to trying cuban coffee.

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  1. A new Cuban restaurant just opened in Hackensack. It is called Casual Habana Cafe, and is at 125 Main St, Hackensack. 201-880-9844. It is open from 7am - 8pm M-Sat. The owner is very obliging and says that everying is authentic and homemade. I don't know about coffe, but he features a drink that is lemonade with basil and a touch of oregano. It's only been open a few weeks but we've already gone twice and are going next week for lunch again.

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      Any more input on that restaurant? I may swing by when I get back from DC :)

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        Hi this is my first response on Chow and wanted to respond to your posting. I would be surprized to see a good cuban restautrant arount Paterson though they do exist in North Jersey. For low priced Cuban there is Cuban Eddies's in Bergenfield. Modest storefront, steam table, sandwich presses and grill. I get Great pork and cuban sandwiches there though they do have daily specials and dinners also. Mind you the place is nothing fancy-just good food and cheap and they do have espresso. There are a ton of cuban cafeterias in West NY, NJ along Bergenline ave and also on Kennedy Blvd. For sophisticated Cuban foood in a charming enviorment i.e. Outside court yard...There is Rebbecca's in Edgewater
        I have Never been disaponted there.

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          There are a bunch of Spanish restaurants on 10th Ave. in Paterson around 28th or 29th streets. I don't know if they are Cuban or Dominican. Except for the local color, I don't think these places are much different than the low-end Cuban places. That is quite a swing from Cuban Eddie's in Bergenfield to Rebecca's in Edgewater!!

    2. Just came back from a great Cuban meal at Casual Habana Cafe. Food was delicious, i got the oxtails. excellent. portions were good, we all left fully content and making plans to come back. Inexpensive authentic cuban food, not to mention BYOB, makes this a great find.