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Apr 29, 2007 08:15 PM

A break from Dorm food in Capitola?

Heading down to visit our son and staying at a house on the beach near Capitola. We would love to take him (and maybe a few of his friends) out for a treat....something that may be lacking in the offerings at UCSC.

Downtown Capitola sounds good since without cars, it's not an area that they frequent. Good food (not pizza or burgers) but not too, too special (not over the top $$) would be in order so that we can include a few more starving students.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Instead of trying to find a restaurant, why don't you buy steaks to BBQ, salad fixings and bake some potatoes. It's an easy meal for several, cheaper than a restaurant and maybe more fun for the students. If you are right on the beach, it could be a fun party. I imagine it's been a while since they've had a good steak.

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      Doing that on Sat. night...this is for Fri.

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        Haven't been here for a couple of years, so can't comment on the food. It is a unique place with a varied menu. It's well known so may be familiar to the kids. Check the site and if you decide to try it, be specific about the area where you wish to sit when you make your res. Last time ours got lost via the phone person.

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          Please realize that being a UCSC student, your son and at least some of his friends may not be eating red meat, any meat, or may be vegetarian or even vegan. Being an alum and avid cook, I would ALWAYS inquire before planning a meal.

          Also, the Shadowbrook is a fine place with a fun little tram, but it is one of the most expensive places in the Santa Cruz area.

      2. Here's a website that lists most of the places to eat in Capitola Village:

        Someplace not listed is Caruso's, an excellent little Italian place. Here's a review:

        1. I would recommend Sawasdee in near by soquel. Very good Thai food.

          1. A follow up.........we decided to wing it by viewing menus and atmosphere as we strolled by.

            We were about to peek into Il Pirata when a local walking his dog recommended Caruso's instead. I love it when that kind of kismet comes in to play and always take advantage of it.

            Caruso's is a tiny 8 (or so) table place in the Mercantile building. All the tables were full when we arrived so we bided our time by walking around town (most stores were unfortunately closed) and in the wine bar next door. When we were seated the service was warm, friendly and very helpful.

            We had a woodfired pizza and a calamari app. They were both very good. Entree's included an extra yummy lasagna, a cioppino and a seafood pasta which were both brimming with seafood and a very rich lobster/crab (?) ravioli...... all of which were enjoyed by the orderer.

            They overheard us mentioning a birthday and brought a light and airy Tiramisu with a candle for desert.

            We had a great evening and highly recommend this lovely spot!

            PS...picked up great sandwiches for the beach the next day and a choc. birthday cake from Gayles............just LOVE that place!!!