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Apr 29, 2007 08:13 PM

inexpensive to moderate Asian near 43th/2nd Ave, United Nations

Anyone familiar with this area enough to suggest a few spots for east Asian in this vicinity that's not too pricey that I can enjoy with guests? That means Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Viet/Indonesian. Thanks in advance for any good suggestions.

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  1. Chin Chin is very good Chinese on 49th and 3rd, maybe a little pricey for Chinese but not too excessive.

    1. You're within steps of one of the top inexpensive Cantonese places in town (and you'll find many UN types eating there after 1 PM. It's Phoenix Garden on 40th btwn 2nd and 3rd.

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        I absolutely second Phoenix Garden. It's in a basement and is not pretty or fancy, just comfortable and serves very good food. And it's BYO too. If older gentleman named Calvin comes by your table just ask him what's good. It also has the rather interesting distinction of being perhaps the most popular Chinese restaurant amongst Japanese people in the city.