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Apr 29, 2007 07:53 PM

Stuffies - Where?!?!

Ok, Christies in Newport has been closed for a year now and I haven't found anyplace that comes even close to their recipe. I'm looking for suggestions, even a good recipe. Thanks Hounds

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  1. Try Freestone's in New Bedford. They make their own from scratch, big and delicious.

    1. Try Main Street Fish Market in Wakefield, RI. Dan continuously wins awards for his stuffies. Eat in or take out.

      The Jamestown Oyster Bar on the island of Jamestown, RI also has good ones.

      Jerry Saywell

      1. I agree with Jerry Saywell, Main Street Fish and the Jamestown Oyster bar both are great for stuffies. RI Quohaug Comany in Newport may still have great ones.

        1. Sounds like I've been living under a rock..
          What exactly are "Stuffies"?

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          1. re: Keithel

            Ahh! stuffed clams! (I found out from googling a bit).
            Now, my research seems to indicate that this is a local word in Rhode Island -- is this the case? how far does this word extend?

            1. re: Keithel

              Stuffed quahogs actually. Pretty much a RI thing.

          2. If you are in Providence,RI, try Murphy's Irish Pub. I think they have moved or are going to move from their location behind the Biltmore to across from the convention center. They were delicious to me!!! Hope you enjoy them.