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Agave mediocrity

What a huge disappointment Agave turned out to be. I had heard many solid things, but the food left much to be desired. We stuck to some basics - Guacamole, Mahi-mahi tacos, and Adobo chicken Quesadilla, assuming a great place will do those standbys well. Wrong. The mango salsa inside the mahi tacos was pretty nice, otherwise everything was pure mediocrity. I felt like I was eating a quesadilla at Chili's - okay, maybe not that bad, but let's say El Torito! The guacamole was unremarkable, and frankly I think the quality of the guac pretty much says it all about a southwestern place. I will never return. I'd much rather go to Mexicana Mama.

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  1. the only thing they do solid there are the drinks. the food is "eh."

    1. Agave is touted by a couple of posters on this board but it really is unremarkable. Okay for drinks but eat elsewhere.

      1. I thought the same when I went there - I thought perhaps it was b/c I went on an off-day.

        1. I've had a great time there for dinner with drinks. I sometimes order for lunch, and the food doesn't really hold up without the drinks and pretty walls. I still order it, though, because it's good enough, but it's not a top dinner choice for me anymore.

          1. I agree with everyone. It is more of a drinking place to me than for food. I rather just have pre- or post-dinner drinks there and get the food somewhere else.

            1. Against my better judgement, I had brunch sitting at the bar there the other day. I was pretty turned off by the huge plastic jug of lime margarita mix they were using to make the drinks. I'm guessing their drink reputation is from their night service????...Also, I was fooled or perhaps ignorant, to the fact that "calamari cracklings" were your standard fried calamari rings. I had more creative interpretations in mind when I ordered them... We found the food was mediocre and portions were large.

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                Had brunch there a couple of Sundays ago with a group, and it was edible, but nothing more. Really a shame, when all around it are quite tasty places to eat!

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                  Is Mexicana Mama good for a birthday? Is it a large place?

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                    No, in fact Mexicana Mama (at least the one on Hudson St) is one of the smallest restaurants in Manhattan. There's a new one closer to Union Square but I'm not sure how big it is.

              2. I thought the guacamole and the margaritas were great. Everything else was mediocre at best, so I could not agree more with what everyone else has said.

                I ordered the Blue Corn Crepas, which were straight-up awful. They had some sort of molasses-like taste to them that I couldn't quite get past. One of my friends had the crab quesadilla, which was okay, but too rich to eat much of. The Flank Steak Tacos were the headliner and the ONLY dish that I would get if I ever go back.

                Also, my fiance ordered the corn chowder, but the kitchen apparently didn’t get the memo. We had to remind our server about it twice. When it finally showed up, it wasn't half bad. I think mrnyc has it right though, pretty much everything on the menu is "eh."