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Apr 29, 2007 07:32 PM

Agave mediocrity

What a huge disappointment Agave turned out to be. I had heard many solid things, but the food left much to be desired. We stuck to some basics - Guacamole, Mahi-mahi tacos, and Adobo chicken Quesadilla, assuming a great place will do those standbys well. Wrong. The mango salsa inside the mahi tacos was pretty nice, otherwise everything was pure mediocrity. I felt like I was eating a quesadilla at Chili's - okay, maybe not that bad, but let's say El Torito! The guacamole was unremarkable, and frankly I think the quality of the guac pretty much says it all about a southwestern place. I will never return. I'd much rather go to Mexicana Mama.

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  1. the only thing they do solid there are the drinks. the food is "eh."

    1. Agave is touted by a couple of posters on this board but it really is unremarkable. Okay for drinks but eat elsewhere.

      1. I thought the same when I went there - I thought perhaps it was b/c I went on an off-day.

        1. I've had a great time there for dinner with drinks. I sometimes order for lunch, and the food doesn't really hold up without the drinks and pretty walls. I still order it, though, because it's good enough, but it's not a top dinner choice for me anymore.

          1. I agree with everyone. It is more of a drinking place to me than for food. I rather just have pre- or post-dinner drinks there and get the food somewhere else.