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Apr 29, 2007 07:17 PM

Parents visiting SD: hotel and food recommendations

My parents are visiting San Diego for two weeks in August and I am trying to find a serviced/furnished apartment for them to stay in while they are here. I live in OB but any recommendations in the San Diego area would be much appreciated. Also, they are both vegetarian, so any restaurant suggestions would be great (Organic, Thai, Mexican esp.)—thanks!

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  1. Extended Stay hotels are pretty cheap for people staying over a week. There is one in Mission Valley. Other than that ??

    Sipz is a pretty good all vegetarian place. San Diego is pretty veg friendly, you can pretty much eat well anywhere. I forget the name of the place but on 30th and maybe University in North Park there is a Mexican Place that serves a lot of vegetarian dishes; they have a little market next door. Indian also has a lot of veggie dishes, Bombay in Hillcrest is good. My favorite Thai places are Rama downtown and Lotus Thai, Celadon or Bai Yook in Hillcrest. My parents just visited and loved Rama.

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      The Mexican (and that term is used VERY loosely) place at 30th and University is Rancho's. There's also a Rancho's in OB on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Some of the absolute worst Mexican food in the city, but it is vegetarian friendly. Though I do think vegetarians deserve better...............

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        I agree - I cannot stand Ranchos, I have no idea how it stays so popular!

    2. I believe it's called Hob Knob on the Hill. In SD.
      Went there a couple year ago. Maybe the best breakfast ever!

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        not sure what you are responding to here but Hob Nob is far from being something special, IMO. you can see the local power brokers in there "hob nobbing" but so what? I'd just as soon grab breakfast down at Perry's in Old Town. I still go to hob nob periodically but only because it is close to my office.

      2. Cantina Panaderia and Mission Cup Cafe (PB and La Jolla, respectively) have veggie selections and will substitute tofu for the meat. Their marinated grilled tofu is REALLY good!

        Saffron will substitute tofu for the meat in their dishes or leave the meat out altogether.

        Tofu House on Convoy does soon dobu soups without meat.

        Mama Testa's has potato tacos, nopales and cheese tacos and another veggie taco--they're all really good.

        Oceanaire can make a vegetarian happy with all of their side dishes. They have a large selection along with big portions. The mushrooms and Oceanaire style hash browns are to die for!

        Bombay is ok Indian, nothing special. Punjabi Tandoor and Sitar are better, although both are lacking in the ambiance department. Sitar is in the Sorrento Valley food court. Punjabi Tandoor has a few outdoor tables and 2-3 inside tables. Both do take out though.

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          As you can see, locals have chimed in with various dining recommendations, however, discussion of lodging would not be on topic for Chowhound, so please, inquire about that elsewhere.

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          1. I'm partial to the cafeteria style vegetarian/vegan restaurant on the top floor of the People's Co-op Market in OB. Its right in your neighborhood and they actually turn out some some tasty dishes if you are looking for a quick bite.