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Apr 29, 2007 06:43 PM

Jazzfest food

Will be, hopefully, attending,next weekend. What are your favorites this year. Anything exceptional this year other than the usual not too shabby offerings.

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  1. Here's the link to what's on the menu this year to refresh your memory. Click on Food and Crafts.

    1. I can't tear myself away from the cochon de lait poor boy. Especially love the crunchy slaw on it.

      Next weekend, I may go softshell crab poor boy. I also have never had soft shell crawfish, and I notice they have them. The tajadas look good, too. And I've never had yaka mein. Guess I'd better make sure I'm hungry when I get there.

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      1. re: JGrey

        I tried the tajadas for the first time on Saturday and was really impressed. The pork is seasoned so well. The Ya ka mein is a favorite of mine. I talked a friend into getting it and she absolutely loved it and commented on how it helped to settle a little to much alcohol stomach mid-day.

        1. re: malenky

          everyone must try an alligator po'boy at least once =)

          1. re: Jeters

            is it pure alligator meat or mixed in with pork sausage etc?

            what's the name of the stand? thanks.

            1. re: kevin

              I believe it's fried alligator tail.

              Sadly I can't remember the name of the stand-- there should be a sign for Gator Po'Boy's though. If you go to the Jazzfest Website under food and drink there should be a list of all the vendors. Or you can do what I'll be doing this weekend, and wander around until you find it...

              1. re: Jeters

                If it is the sausage po-boy you refer to, it is part alligator and part pork. There are other alligator items as well, but not sure what the consistancy is. Alligator has a very strong taste on its own so it is mostly cut with something else.

        2. re: JGrey

          ditto on the cochon pboy...I try to buy one of everything and split w/my husband...sadly he did not get a bit of that sandwich...the coleslaw was beyond crunch and the pork was very juicy

        3. Hard to beat the old favorites, but I tried the Calas Bistro combo plate this year and was quite satisfied. Included two andouille calas which were very tasty, and a remarkably good version of oyster-artichoke soup. It's a bit thinner than Mandina's, but the oysters are plump, numerous, and cooked to perfection.

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          1. re: hjacmc

            I'm getting so excited for this weekend. I've never heard of tajadas, but they sound like a revelation.

            Any other vendors, like Calas Bistro, with all-around-solid reputations?