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Apr 29, 2007 06:10 PM

Where to eat in Germantown, Tennessee and Kingsport Tennessee

I will be in Germantown Tennssee and then Kingsport Tenessee and would like to know what Chowhounds recommend.


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  1. Cootie Brown's has the best beer selection in Kingsport...Not sure about all the food, but I had a fish sandwich last time I was there that was incredible...

    The home-chips are really good too, if you're not worried about heart disease ask for the works (blue cheese, bacon, sour cream, etc)

    The prices in there are really good, I was there last month and they were doing a special "rolling back prices to the 90's" I'm not sure if this is still going out, but it's worth checking out. A lot more soul than the typical Kingsport chain food dreck.

    Is there anything in particular you are looking for? Coffee shop, ethnic, sandwiches, pizza?

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      Germantown Commisary--probably one of the top 3 bbq places in Memphis.
      Jarrett's is also oh so excellent.
      Yia Yia's in Saddle Creek in Germantown is also excellent.
      If you like Mexican, Salsa in The Regalia at Poplar & Ridgeway is quite tasty. Just a few miles west of Germantown on Poplar.

    2. The Germantown Commissary is one of the best BBQ restaurants in the area. Erling Jensen and Folks Folly are just west of Germantown but close by and have great fine dining if you are interested. I think EJ is the best in the city. Jarrett's is nearby and has fine dining as well. Three Oaks Grill gets a high rating in Germantown. It's in the old GT historic district.

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        My wife is from Memphis and continually tells me that she's upset that she never did take me to the Commissary.
        Her and all her family have now moved from the area so we don't get back there.