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Apr 29, 2007 06:02 PM

fontanas vs gyro world

well needless to say i bought 1 from both around an hour ago.

from reccomendations on both i couldnt resist the taste test.

BOTH were very simalar. red onioons on world and white on fontanas, slight sauce taste difference and the meat was alike except for the thickness sliced, fontanas thin and world thick.



the pita at world had a weird flavor, i think due to the oil used to grill it. it was a flavor i couldnt describe...kinda cheap like cheap oil was used i believe. THAT WAS THE DECIDING factor that made me choose fontanas. thier bread/oil saturation was perfect and tasted great.

BOTH were great, initial tastes were inconclusive until i tasted the weird flavor and then just tested each ones bread

Fontanas- Northern and FLB
Gyro World- 194th and northern

3 blocks from each other


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  1. I have been going to Fontana's for over twenty years, so clearly I'm a big fan. They are better for Gyros (the rotoating block of meat) and souvlaki (cubes of meat), Gyroworld has an excellent pork gyro (layers of pork on a rotating spit) that Fontana does not make. Fontana and Gyroworld are superior to the nearby Gyro Corner,a few blocks north on Francis Lewis.