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Apr 29, 2007 05:54 PM

Seeking for Authentic Thai in San Antonio

Just got back from Van's tonight and we were truely disappointed with their bland curry chicken. Is there any good Thai restaurant that you recommend in San Antonio area? Thank you.


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  1. You should try Bangkok Cuisine on Pat Booker. The best Thai I've had. The soups are great and so are the noodle dishes. If you like it spicy you need to ask for it because they make most stuff for american's. If you do ask for spicy be specific on taste level because they make things hot. The spring rolls are the best in town and the coconut ice is awesome.

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      Thanks for the tip.I haven't tried them yet.I think they have gotten really good reviews in the paper.

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        My coworkers and I have tried several in the North side of town and really like Thai Pikul on Fredericksburg Rd and also Siam Delight pretty close to thai Pikul.

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        My favorite Thai in town is either Thai House on Rittiman near I-35 or Thai Taste over in the Med Center. But both are very much hole-in-the-wall places. Better for take-out than a nice dining experience.

      3. We tried Thai Wuang Ping for lunch today and were impressed. It is pretty close to the Thai restaurants in Boston. The deco is really clean and elegant. We can't wait to go back and try their dinner menu.

        3825 Fredericksburg Rd.

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          On the NW side, I second Thai Pikul on Fredericksburg Rd.
          Also try a tucked away placed called Thai Restaurant on Babcock and Callaghan.
 has some more listed too

        2. I just moved back to SA after 20+ years on the road keeping the planet safe... I tried a place at the recently developed Brooks City Base area named Chaba (google maps using thai restaurant and 78210). I had the daily special of crispy roast duck, and I ordered the Yum Nuah (a personal favorite at any Thai dive). The duck was crispy and plentiful, but the accompanying sauce was lackluster. It was a brown corn starch-thickened soup base, if I was a betting man, better suited to a hot and sour soup than a condiment for a tasty, but somewhat dry duck. The jasmine rice that was served with the duck was p-e-r-f-e-c-t; the small bowl was fragrent and chop-stick sticky. The yum nuah was very good; the slightly warm medium rare beef sat on a bed of mostly romain lettuce with other field greens. There was no evidence of sliced hot peppers anywhere on the plate, but the wonderfully tart dressing, judiciously applied, provided a very nice piquant feeling on the palate after the first few bites.
          The service was spot on, and the space is appealing, as strip mall places go. I was in there on a Tuesday night, about 7 o'clock, and although there wasn't a line out the door, there was a steady stream of couples, families, and the occasional solo diner during the hour I lingered.
          I'll post more on Chaba as I try more of the menu.

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            CHABA Update
            I had an opportunity to try Chaba for lunch on Thursday. Here's the report:

            I spent the last two years in E/SE Asia, doing most of my dining at mom and pop sidewalk stands. How did Chaba stack up? Spot-on. I arrived for lunch relatively late - 1330. People were still coming and going (a good sign for a lunch crowd), and I was seated promptly. After my menu and drink was provided, I got a bowl of hot and sour soup, without asking (it comes with all lunch specials). It was tasty, although not the best I've had. The soup did have generous portions of tofu, bamboo and black mushrooms. I ordered the chicken with basil, thai hot. What arrived at my table was a freshly prepared dish of thinly sliced white meat, cooked as perfect as possible, in a thin (good thing) black sauce with lots of basil leaves and large chunks of sliced onion cooked from barely to translucent (reminded me of those mom and pops in Asia). Thai hot got me thai hot without evidence of pepper anywhere. The sauce was incredible. The rice was sticky, perfect for sticks, and fragrant. My glass of tea was left unfilled one time, for about two minutes.
            The bottom line: Chaba is the real deal. If you find yourself in the Brooks City Base area during the week, give it a go.

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              Thank you so much for the review, YGBSM. I will have to try it sometimes!

              I also found out that Thai Kitchen's buffet is pretty good. They have about 10 main authentic Thai dishes ( eggplant with basil, Laab - spicy thin sliced beef salad and you can even have mango with sticky rice for dessert.) Close to $10 per person for the dinner buffet and it's worth a try.

          2. Sompong's Thai & Chinese Cuisine & definitely Taste of Thailand@9502 Potranco Rd

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              Way to revive a thread that hasn't been used for almost 7 years.
              Moved near Tong's Thai late last year, love it, great northern dishes. Chaing Mai curry noodle soup is actually Khao Soi, which is very hard to find. Not really a soup.
              Tuk Tuk makes good made from scratch Thai as well, higher price point, but great craft brew as well.