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Apr 29, 2007 05:24 PM

Need Jacksonville, Florida hound advice

Will be traveling to Jacksonville at the end of May. Need to know of good eats places at the Jacksonville Landing and at Southbank Riverwalk. Need not be upscale, just want good food, no matter the price.

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  1. Are you looking for walking distance from the river and the CBD (hence the landing and the riverwalk) or will you be able to venture a little bit further out - it would be to your benefit to be able to do so. Things culinary at the landing are barely average at best and much less than average at worst, and the Southbank Riverwalk has Morton's, Ruth's Chris (exactly what you would expect if you know these chains), a Chart House (great building, just OK food) and River City Brew Company (avoid!!). Let me know, and I can send more information if you can range out a bit more.

    In short, look to b.b.'s on Hendricks Ave. and Bistro Aix on San Marco Blvd (all on the southbank side of the river) for excellent food/service and Blue Boy's across the street from city hall downtown if you're in the CBD doing business - great sammiches to be had there for lunch.

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      Thanks for the help. Will be staying at the Hyatt Regency River. Will not have a car, but we could take a taxi. Will arrive on a Friday evening around 8:30 P.M., so will not have a lot of time to go very far or to something that requires reservations. Any thoughts on the Bourbon St. Raw Bar & Grill at the Jacksonville Landing? Someone told me that the River City Brew Company "Brew Haus" (their Sports Bar) - has simpler, less expensive and better food than the main restarurant and also has a great view.
      Once across the river via water taxi, can you walk to bb's or Bistro Aix?


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        Your hotel has an outpost of the Plaza III steakhouse (home base Kansas City) that I have not tried, but likely will be in the same ballpark w/ Morton's or Ruth's Chris. If you're beat when you get in Friday night, you could do worse. If you take the river taxi to the general area of the new construction on the southbank (there are a couple of apt/condo towers going up) you can walk to b.b's pretty easily down Hendricks Ave., or call a taxi and get a trip over the river to Bistro Aix. Aix has a very good website if you'd like more info. I have not been happy with any kind of visit to the RCBC in a long time, but then I haven't been in a long time. I haven't heard any reason to go back, either. The offerings at the Landing are a unversal disappointment, including Bourbon St. Again, avoid!!

        Have a safe trip!!

    2. On Adams Street, there is a place called Burrito Gallery. My husband eats there at lunch a lot and I have joined him for drinks and live music happy hour on Friday nights. Plaza 3 was only ok but again it was only for drinks and apps. The sushi place on the 2nd floor of the landing offers a nice bento box lunch for a very reasonable price and a nice outside seating area. That's all I can think of right now except that I agree with bb's or Bistro Aix, or even right next to Bistro Aix, Corner Bistro.

      1. Downtown has some good places for lunch. Chew, Cafe Nola (in the Museum of Modern Art) and Burrito Gallery. For dinner downtown, you can try La Cena.

        There are lots of places to eat in the San Marco area. There is BBs, Bistro Aix, Corner Brasserie and Poms Thai Bistro. You can also try the casual spots like The Loop and La Nopalera (our cheap mexican place - I'm sure nowhere near authentic but I like it).

        A lot of these places have websites if you want to check out their menu online.

        1. On the Southbank you can try The Wine Cellar for dinner on Prudential drive. For lunch check out Tidbits on Hendricks (sandwiches) or European Street Deli (they have a great selection of import beers and great sandwiches) on San Marco blvd. European Street sometimes has live music on Friday evenings. You can walk to all of these on the Southbank. Further up Hendricks is Metro Diner (great fried fish, meat loaf and reasonable price). In the San Marco area there is a small town center with 3 or 4 good eating places (a pretty good Tai place), an old style movie theater and pretty good pizza place. San Marco is just south of the Southbank..short ride by cab.

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            Also, the Avondale/Five Points/Riverside area(west side of river) is beginning to rival the San Marco area for restaurants. If you're here on a Friday, pick up the local paper, the Florida Times-Union, and look for restaurant listings in the "Weekend" section. Also, the free paper, Folio Weekly, can help you tremendously in a restaurant search...

          2. Thanks everyone for your help. We had dinner at the Korean/Sushi establishment loacated at the Southbank Riverwalk - it was excellent - their box of Korean fair was all very good. A fellow traveler told me that the Sushi was also very good.
            The next day we had lunch at bb's on Hendricks Ave. and everything was superior. The salads and soups were outstanding - anything you choose here will be good.