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Apr 29, 2007 05:11 PM

112 Eatery-Wow

Well finally decided to try 112 Eatery. We got a reservation for tonight (a Sunday) at 5pm. I'll write more details in the April month end but I can see why everyone raves about it. Definitely a great meal and we'll so go back. J

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  1. I too, love 112 Eatery, from the spicy almonds and olives they bring BEFORE your appetizer to the sticky popcorn they bring AFTER your dessert--both complimentary.

    I've tasted most everything on your menu, although many just once.

    I'd actually love to hear about your 112 Eatery experience NOW, before you forget the details and for the sake of the poor soul who searches on 112 Eatery in the future and brings up this post who wants to read about your experience rather than wade through the chatty and disorganized and impossible to search-on efficiently end of month update thread. Those updates are fun, but they wreak havoc on the search engine and make it really difficult to find information any specific, organized way in the future and dilute chowhound as a resource.

    My fav main course is the stringozzi with lamb sugo. There isn't a lot of lamb in there, but the flavor is fantastic. They make their own pasta of course.

    For an appetizer, I like the cold cuts w/ pickles is a wonderful & hearty medly of housemade pates and such.

    For side dishes, I love almost all of them, so, it's hard to pick, but I'll single out the cauliflower because that's what I had my first time out.

    And for dessert, the banana tart is fantastic, and I'm usually one who avoids banana desserts (in favorite of whatever chocolate thing is available.


    Here's a list of everything else I've tried there (that I can remember):
    sweet & sour crab salad
    ham and pineapple w/ black truffle mayo
    steak tartare (fantastic!)
    cold cuts w/ pickles (fantastic!)
    crostini w/ white anchovy and avocado
    foie gras/lardon salad (really decadent!)
    blue prawns w/ rooster mayo
    lamb scottadito w/ goats milk yogurt (this is one of their signature dishes--I fell in love with their lamb sugo first, so this will always be second to me)
    sea scallops w/ oyster mushrooms

    stringozzi w/ lamb sugo (this one is my all-time favorite)
    tagliatelle w/ foie gras meatballs
    stracci w/ braised chicken & mascarpone
    marinated bone-in pork tenderloin
    braised beef shortribs w/ farro

    country style pork ribs w/ salsa piccante
    bacon egg & harrisa sandwich (Really simply, but yummy. Would be great for a late-night snack)
    112 cheese burger (Fantasticly "gourmet" with brie cheese and on an English muffin)
    chinese fried eggs (these didn't wow me, I'm afraid)

    french fries (double-fried)
    farro w/ gorgonzola piccante (completely, unexpectedly rich & wonderful)
    brussel sprouts w/ smoked bacon & shallots (this is the closest brussel sprouts get to candy)
    cauliflower fritters (so simple, with just a bit of grated parm cheese)
    pan-fried gnocchi w/ parmesan reggiano (really tender and lovely and, of course, house-made)

    tres leches cake (my second favorite)
    chocolate pot de crème
    carrot mascarpone cake
    cherry-frangipane pastry
    banana cream tart (my favorite)
    double chocolate hazelnut crunch


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      Hi, well I'd be thrilled to talk about our experience. I agree with the simple touches of the olives and spiced almonds on the table when you sit down and the spiced popcorn before you leave. Simple things that probably don't cost a lot but it's the point of it.
      Since we had a 5pm reservation they weren't even open when we got there. There were some people waiting but once they did open it filled up pretty quickly. Not packed but pretty busy.
      From recommendations on here we tried the Lamb Scottadito and the cauliflower fritters for appetizers. Wow, that lamb was so good. Too bad there was only 3 of them because my husband and I fought over the last one. The cauliflower fritters were also so good, I thought they might be too filling but they were perfect. Even the warm bread they brought out from the oven was wonderful. They said they get their bread from New French Bakery.
      I then ordered (once again due to recommendations on here) the stringozzi with lamb sugo. I usually never order pasta out as 9 times out of 10 I'm never that excited about it. This was so obviously homemade and as TDQ stated there's not a huge amount of lamb in there but the flavor is outstanding. I would have a hard time going there and not ordering this dish. I did get the small plate of it and it was a perfect size for me (unfortunately no leftovers).
      My husband ordered the cheeseburger with a side of fries (the serving of fries is huge, you could definitely share it) and both were also delicious.
      For dessert he let me pick and we shared the tres leches cake. Oh my gosh. I do have to say that I have never had it before so I have nothing to compare it to but I thought it was absolutely amazing. My husband even said even though it wouldn't have been his first choice (he would have picked the carrot cake) but he really liked it. There's something about that moist cake sitting in that milk and pouring it over each bite. Well I'll be thinking of that till we go again.
      That's how I know we loved this restaurant. We talked all the way home in the car about what we'd try when we go back. Those scallops kept coming out of the kitchen and they looked fantastic. Everything coming out of the kitchen just looked so good. I do love banana cream anything so I'll have to try that for sure.
      I also would love to try the gnocchi so I guess we just need to go back again very soon. Our service was attentive but not pushy. We both liked the atmosphere and the energy in the room.
      It was nice to try it on a Sunday as it wasn't packed but busy enough to give it a great feeling. I really thought the quality of the food was so worth the amount of money you spend and I love that you can go and have a great meal but you don't have to break the bank either.
      Definitely the best restaurant we've gone to in quite a long time. Can't wait to go and try everything else!! Janice

      1. re: janiceh

        Thank you for posting! Now I can live vicariously through your post for the rest of today. That ought to get me to 5pm. :)

        We've had really good luck going for early dinner there on Sundays--parking is easy then, too.

        I think you tried all of my favorites. Yum! Isn't it amazing what a huge range they have on the menu--from foie gras to burgers?

        Those fries are good--I like the seasoned mayo and the catsup they serve with it, too--and they are so continental served in the paper cone.


    2. Thanks! Will DEFINITELY be going there soon!

      1. 112 has great atmosphere and good service. But, I just don't understand why they can't have one more vegetarian entree-type item on their menu other than the gnocchi (which they even call a side). Or at least change it occasionally. I once had the Brussels sprouts made without the meat but I learned later that eating an entire plate of Brussels sprouts isn't the smartest thing for the digestive tract. :-)
        I wish they just had one more thing....

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        1. re: RedPepper

          I agree entirely, although they salads are excellent, and they're willing to do little things to help out. For example, TCL has asked for a side of the saffron sticky rice that usually accompanies the sushi-grade tuna, and they had no problem bringing out a bowl. She was thinking of asking if they can do the stringozzi without the lamb - it might be possible for them to prepare a batch, there isn't *THAT* much lamb in there.

          1. re: Danny

            Thanks for your support Danny. I think what I found so hard was that the last time I was there I told them I was a vegetarian and rather than helping me find something or suggesting changes, the server said to me, "Oooh, that's hard here" and left it at that. I know, I know, it is my choice to be a vegetarian and some chefs, Bourdain-like in their attitudes, hate me for it. But I WANT to spend money at their establishments and be more open to accompanying my friends there.

            1. re: RedPepper

              My wife and I (and friends) headed to 112 last evening. Finally! We sat upstairs and had a terrific view of all the weather rolling through the city. I got to taste the following:

              Lamb Scottadito - Tremendous. Simple but excellent.
              Sweet and Sour Crab Salad - Fresh and light. The sweetness of the crab meat maybe got lost a little, but I liked the flavor overall very much.
              Cauliflower Fritters - Fine. I'm not a huge fan of cauliflower overall, so this was certainly one of the better presentations.

              Second Course
              Sea Scallops with Oyster Mushrooms - Wonderful. Again, very simply prepared, but rich and flavorful.

              Bacon Egg and Harrissa - This didn't overwhelm me. But my wife liked it.
              Tagliatelle with Fois Gras Meatballs - Rich and flavorful, obviously. The small was PLENTY. I can't fathom ordering a large.

              Chocolate Pot Du Creme - Beyond rich and decadent. We split it and barely made it through.
              Tres Leches Cake - Just a bit or two, but was very nice.

              We likely could've gotten by nicely with about half as much food, but it was fun to try so many plates. This immediately jumps to the highest echelon of favorites for TC restaurants. Just sorry we waited as long as we did to visit.

              1. re: demijohn

                It is interesting to me to read your comments and note how many had
                certain reservations in them, yet you still say the place has jumped to the
                highest echelon of favorites. I think one of the characteristics of the food
                on their menu can be a tendency to hyper-richness such that only a small
                portion suffices. This can be good or not so good depending on the portion
                served. I agree about the pot de creme- seemed way too intense and large
                of a portion.

                1. re: faith

                  Actually, of the 8 dishes he tried, he only noted reservations with two of them, Sweet and Sour Crab Salad (the sweetness of the crab meat was lost) and Bacon Egg and Harrissa Sandwich (didn't overwhelm him.) He liked the cauliflower for what it was, given that he doesn't actually like cauliflower to begin with. As for his other comments, I don't think "rich and decadent" is a negative. While perhaps it is for you. I think it's coming across here as a positive and not meant as a "reservation." "Richness" is just something to be managed via portion control and 112 Eatery is a place that encourages sharing and splitting of dishes, for, I'm guessing, that very reason.


                2. re: demijohn

                  I'm glad you enjoyed it. Personally, I think 112 Eatery excels at the side dishes--farro, brussel sprouts, cauliflower fritters (yes, it's still cauliflower, so, it helps to like cauliflower to begin with), the gnocchi. I love them all. Over several visitis, I've come to discover that my best experiences at 112 Eatery have come when I treat the menu like a tapas menu and order small portions of everything with expectation of sharing it. The staff will gladly split dishes, too. Some of the dishes, especially the desserts--are too rich to have as a full entree (I assume the "large" of the Tagliatelle with Fois Gras Meatballs is definitely meant to be shared.)


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    I think you are right that the menu should be treated like a tapas menu
                    as regards the richer items. That should be made clear by the restaurant
                    management though, in my opinion. I really enjoy some of the dishes at
                    112 , but find others to be overkill, such as the pot de creme, and the
                    burger- the rich cheese on top of a rich meaty burger seems too one-
                    dimensional to me. A dessert that is too rich for 2 people to finish is
                    one that perhaps should be reduced in size of portion or in intensity of

                    1. re: faith

                      I was there the same night as Janiceh, and I second the WOW. In fact my husband was the one really bowled over and he isn't a foodie at all.

                      We knew from research that ordering like a tapas meal would give us the best outcome, and our server said we were on the right track.

                      We started with the Romaine and Roquefort salad, Cauliflower fritters, Lamb Scottadito and the fried bread with Procuitto. All were wonderful, but as Janice said, why serve two people 3 of the lamb chops? It was cruel and unusual punishment :)

                      We decided to split the Short Rib entree and an order of the gnocchi. While the portion for two was just right given everything else we had, my husband came close to licking his plate he loved it so much. He clearly wanted more.

                      I'm also glad we saved room for dessert, as the carrot cake with mascarpone was SO GOOD.

                      My only regret was that I couldn't enjoy a glass of wine as I am only 7 months through my 9 month mandatory dry spell :)

                      We'll be back, with baby in tow, but next time, mama's getting a drink!!

                      1. re: MayrMN

                        Hey Mayr...after three perfect (through proud daddy filters blah blah blah) babies, I can say.....(bringing voice to whisper because I have zero medical credibility aside from listening to various OBs and the sort) can slip in a small glass of wine in the third trimester! Sure the middle boy's toes are a bit crooked but.....