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Steak Frites

I just read the article in the New York Times on the best steak frites in Paris, and it left me wondering, where in the bay area are the best steak frites? Though, obviously not as good as Paris, where in the bay area can you find great steak frites done right?

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  1. Um, Why "obviously not as good as Paris?" I'm not rushing to the defense of all Bay Area restaurants here, but I don't buy that just because its Paris it means that the food is going to automatically be better than SF, or NYC or anywhere else for that matter.

    I had a lovely Steak Frites at Myth.

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      It's not that all steak frites in Paris are automatically better than the Bay Area, but that there are many more great steak frites places in Paris than San Francisco. After all, it is their cuisine.

    2. I had steak frites at Chez Panisse Cafe about 10 years ago. It was good but it wasn't killer. Frankly I think the steak was too lean. You might try Plouf which is usually pretty good, although I've never had the SF there.

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        When Chez Panisse Cafe has steak-frites, it's probably tops, but it's a rare item on the menu.

      2. I love the steak frites at Left Bank in Santana Row

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          Worth pointing out that there are five Bay Area Left Bank Restaurants:
          San Jose (Santana Row); Pleasant Hill; Menlo Park; San Mateo; and Larkspur (the original).

          All do very consistent meat & potatoes.

        2. Bouchon in Yountville has the best steak frites I've had in the US.

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            I second that; Bouchon is excellent. One hour's dive from GG Bridge.

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              Agreed. Bouchon has a no frills steak frites anyone can enjoy. There's something decidedly American about that big, thick, juicy steak, but those crisp, thin fries are all French.

          2. The topic has been discussed several times on this board over the past several years. If you do a search for steak frites, you should be able to pull up a number of past threads with helpful suggestions.

            My personal recommendation would be the steak frites for two at Florio, Fillmore St., SF.

            1. Both Fringale and Bistro Jeanty have good very good steak frites - Fringale's steak has this wonderful red wine butter sauce (their fries are just ok), while Bistro Jeanty is overall good (excellent fries as well!)

              1. I'd be curious to know the price ranges of the respondee suggestions as well.

                Would a deck of cards sized steak plus some fries make your list? How important is the steak in terms of size, choice, etc? What about the fries?

                I ask to put it in perspective.

                Thanks Jon

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                  The steak frites and Bistro Jeanty and Fringale are in the 25-30 range, from what I remember - pretty typical.

                  They both feature good portion rib eye steak, probably at least 12 oz. The steak at both places is excellent, well cooked and juicy.

                  The fries at Fringale are frankly on par with in-n-out fries (so it depends if you like those or not), but the ones at Bistro Jeanty were nice and crisp and well done.

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                    yes when i was reading this, the steak fries at fringale came to mind right away... the sauce on the ribeye steak is a red wine butter sauce.. yum!!!!!

                    i like in and out fries... the soft ones... hahaha but the fries i had at fringale were crisp when i had them. i suppose if texture of the fries is something you are focused on, you can possibly ask for well-done fries...

                    dipping the fries in the red wine butter sauce is good... makes me want it now...

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                    Steak Frites at Bouchon is a 10 oz Prime Flatiron Steak with caramelized shallots and maitre d'hotel butter, and a mountain of frites for $29, which is about what Steak Frites goes for in the Valley.

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                      FINALLY! Maitre d'Hotel!!!!!!! I have hunted high and low for this; even posted here to no avail. Now if I could just find it it the City.....

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                        LOL! Are you a chowhound or what? 1 hour drive is worth it for Maitre d'Hotel!

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                          No, I have anxiety driving. But maybe I can scheme up a Chowdown and catch a ride. BUWAHAHAHA!

                  3. I think the Steak Frites at Clementine on Clement is very good. The price is $19.50. Fries are delicious and the steak (rib eye) is juicy and served with a green peppercorn sauce.

                    1. How 'bout EB places? Anyone tried Cafe Rouge or Bistro Liaison for SF?

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                        Cafe Rouge used to have a dynamite onglet w/frites. Haven't been in years.

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                          Still excellent. Sometimes they have two steaks on the menu, onglet and ribeye. Charcoal-grilled, best fries around.

                      2. I've heard that the steak frites at Nizza la Bella are great, haven't tried them myself.

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                          I'd give them a good, not great. I've had them twice. I'll have them again.

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                            When they redid Nizza's menu to add more pizzas, they dropped the price of the steak-frites to $18.50.


                        2. I've always found the steak frites at Absinthe to be pretty good, nice grilled rib eye, not too thick and some of the best fries in the bay area. Florio always seems like they are changing their cut of steak for the dish, and while I've had inconsistent meals at Florio, I always enjoy the time.

                          1. I have had surprisingly good steak frites at Kezar Bar in Cole Valley. It's a New York steak grilled to order, good fries, with a horseradish cream on the side, for less than $20. Best ever? Probably not, but it's simple, consistent, and delicious, and it never fails to satisfy the craving.

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                              When was that? I always wanted to like Kezar Bar, and generally did enjoy the atmosphere, but the food always left me underwhelmed. I remember having a New York steak there which was servicable, and if I recall correctly, the fries were always a bit limp. Always thought the place could be a home run but somehow missed the boat.

                            2. Dont remember the name to the place but it is directly acrossed the street from the China Town entrance in San Fran. God the Fritz were fantastic! The Croque Mosieur(sp?) was also fantastic. I paired with a fantastic glass of Nicholas Fuilleitte (sorry French is not a strong point!)

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                                Are you thinking of Cafe de la Press? Or Le Central down the block? The former has started charging 2.70 for a small Americano coffee to go so I'll not be going there again.

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                                  Yes I think that it maight be Cafe de la Press. The place was literally at the arch way to China town. We sat in the window looking right at the arch. I really liked the food and as mentioned, the PREMIUM champagnes by the glass were very nice.

                              2. I had the steak frites at Jeanty at Jack's last weekend. The rib eye was pretty decent, albeit too thin for my taste. Cooked m.r. as requested. Fries were great. Bernaise sauce was nice. For $28, it was about commendable.

                                1. Had a couple of great ones a while back at Cafe Claude. It no longer
                                  appears to be on the menu.

                                  Had the worst one of my life at Cafe Bastille about six months ago. Run away!
                                  By all appearances, it was a 4oz ball of chuck "cooked" by scorching one
                                  side with a blowtorch leaving the other side raw. No butter or sauce. Cold fries.