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Apr 29, 2007 04:54 PM

Steak Frites

I just read the article in the New York Times on the best steak frites in Paris, and it left me wondering, where in the bay area are the best steak frites? Though, obviously not as good as Paris, where in the bay area can you find great steak frites done right?

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  1. Um, Why "obviously not as good as Paris?" I'm not rushing to the defense of all Bay Area restaurants here, but I don't buy that just because its Paris it means that the food is going to automatically be better than SF, or NYC or anywhere else for that matter.

    I had a lovely Steak Frites at Myth.

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    1. re: ccbweb

      It's not that all steak frites in Paris are automatically better than the Bay Area, but that there are many more great steak frites places in Paris than San Francisco. After all, it is their cuisine.

    2. I had steak frites at Chez Panisse Cafe about 10 years ago. It was good but it wasn't killer. Frankly I think the steak was too lean. You might try Plouf which is usually pretty good, although I've never had the SF there.

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      1. re: ML8000

        When Chez Panisse Cafe has steak-frites, it's probably tops, but it's a rare item on the menu.

      2. I love the steak frites at Left Bank in Santana Row

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        1. re: ThaiSpice

          Worth pointing out that there are five Bay Area Left Bank Restaurants:
          San Jose (Santana Row); Pleasant Hill; Menlo Park; San Mateo; and Larkspur (the original).

          All do very consistent meat & potatoes.

        2. Bouchon in Yountville has the best steak frites I've had in the US.

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          1. re: Non Cognomina

            I second that; Bouchon is excellent. One hour's dive from GG Bridge.

            1. re: TonyP

              Agreed. Bouchon has a no frills steak frites anyone can enjoy. There's something decidedly American about that big, thick, juicy steak, but those crisp, thin fries are all French.

          2. The topic has been discussed several times on this board over the past several years. If you do a search for steak frites, you should be able to pull up a number of past threads with helpful suggestions.

            My personal recommendation would be the steak frites for two at Florio, Fillmore St., SF.