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Apr 29, 2007 04:35 PM

Piccolo in Cabbagetown

Hubby & I had lunch at Piccolo on Carlton just west of Parliament on Saturday afternoon. The place has always been empty every time I’ve passed by (okay it was winter) so we were hesitant, but sat down regardless. Are we ever glad we did.

From the small, but well chosen wine list to the complimentary cream cheese filled warm bread, the finely made carbonara sauce with roasted garlic served with perfectly al dente pasta to my penne alla vodka the whole experience was enjoyable.

It’s a pretty room with a small, friendly staff. I believe they’re a warm weather and sunshine filled patio away from doing well. Definitely more neighbourhood resto than destination spot, mind you. I guess we in Cabbagetown can keep it all to ourselves.

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  1. what was your bill total? Ive driven by this place many times and wondered about it.. are the prices resonable?

    1. Wifey and I had dinner there a few weeks back and were generally pleased. Bill came to about $150 with wine, no dessert. Staff was not great. Tables smooshed too closely together.

      1. oh, glad you posted on this, I've been wondering about it.

        when it was felini's shoe there was a little tapas bar downstairs apparently, any idea what they're doing with that space?

        1. Hungry, I would consider the bill reasonable for the amount and quality received. Two app's (one being grilled calamari the other I can't remember), 2 pasta mains, one large bottle Perrier, and two glasses of white wine was about $75. w/ taxes, w/o tip.

          Tout Garni's experience and ours were somewhat different so perhaps the owner has lived and learned. I didn't find the tables particularly close together and the service we got was great. We were the only two in the place at the time so, yes, they only needed to attend to us. On the other hand, at least the guy didn't hover and only showed when needed. He had good timing. I like the big front window table and there's even a teeny working fireplace in the back room.

          Mainja, when I knew the place the I thought the whole thing was called Tapas. In any case, they've taken over the entire property. As you may recall that means the upstairs restaurant is completely isolated from the downstairs bar area which is nice. Means whatever your mood you have the right place. They're also opening the patio as soon as the weather co-operates. I used to love that patio. It had a great vibe back then. Hopefully it will again.

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            oh that does sound very resonable. thanks for the response

          2. Piccolo is a lovely place. Delicious food and amazingly attentive staff. The owner is this laid back, warm man who now waves to me every time I walk by. Perhaps one of my favourite things about living in Cabbagetown... that smalltown feel. I've been a few times now and I've noticed it is getting busier. I am happy about this because I think that Cabbagetown could use a few good restaurants. People need to support these small businesses. I've had their soups which are so good, everyone in my party is sitting there trying to do anything but lick the bowl. I'm vegetarian so considering that, there are some delicious options. Besides the two soups I've tried, potato and leek, and tomato soup, I've had a few pastas,and their pizza. The pastas were light and fresh, and the pizza dough is was really smooth... I don't even know if that makes sense but it just felt really good to bite into it! At the end of a few meals they've given us some complimentary items.. once it was a huge rich piece of chocolate cake, another time it was some limoncello. Smart business moves on their part for sure. They have a great product. I really hope they stay in business. I do however understand people walking by and seeing it relatively empty and thus assuming it might not making be all that great. This is a must try if you are looking for some really authentic tasting Italian food in TO.