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Apr 29, 2007 04:21 PM

West Village Chinese

Frustrated foodies tired of having to leave the neighborhood every time we want
good Chinese food. Help...

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  1. There's always Sammy's Noodle Shop at 453 6 Av. I dont know if it's any good since I always make the trip to Chinatown so I've never been there.

    1. I once did a blind taste test. Mama Budda won and is generally very good.

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      1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

        I agree. I kinda stopped looking elsewhere after I tried Mama Buddha,

      2. I recently discovered that Grand Sichuan on St Marks delivers to the W. Village (I'm near 7th ave). I don't know how far west you are or how far they go, but it is definitely worth calling to find out. There food, to me, is far superior (and much more interesting) than anything else I was able to get in the area.

        1. Song Chu Mei on Hudson near Bank St. A friend who lives in China 10 months of the year recommended it as the best Chinese in the 'hood. Now I'm addicted. Super fast delivery and fresh and tasty. I've never eaten there though. Been there to pick up take out once and it looked clean and OK.

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            i've eaten at sung chu mei a few times, but not in a while. they used to have a really cheap weekend dim sum special, where you could order 5 dishes for like $8. not anymore... would like to revisit them for delivery though: what are your favorite dishes, or what does your friend from china recommend?