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Apr 29, 2007 04:08 PM

Berkeley - Sea Salt’s new brunch & the world’s best red flannel hash with a Hangar One chipotle bloody Mary

It was even better than is sounds.

Thank you whoever for posting that Sea Salt started Saturday & Sunday brunches from 10 am to 2:30 pm.

Sea Salt always has had the tastiest beet dishes … memorably good. This was another memorably great dish.

The cubed beets mixed with potatoes, caramelized onions and chopped green herbs were amazingly sweet and flavorful. The hash was topped with a stellar piece of seared trout and covered with two perfect sunny side-up eggs ... the yolks breaking over the fish and mixing with the hash ... so good, so good.

To up the wonderfulness of the dish, it was sprinkled with tiny purple flowers ... attractive and delicious. Two thin pieces of very tasty toast come with the hash.

On a scale from 1 to 10 ... the hash is a 9.99.

Slight mark off for a touch too much butter. Delicious but it pushed the edge on richness. My suggestion would be to tell them light on the butter.

It might be argued that the drink was actually a bloody Caesar.. Hangar One chipotle vodka, clam juice, horseradish, lemon, Murray river salt

There is no arguing this is a top of the line drink. That smoky flavor from the chipotle vodka just sends it over the top. It is also VERY nicely balanced. Not overly hot or spicy like many but with a pleasant kick.

It was nice there wasn’t too much ‘salad’ in it either … just three good green olives with pits and a perfectly crisp tasty quarter stick of celery … yes, that’s right … tasty celery.

Be sure it has the chipotle vodka in it. The website just lists the chipotle version, but today’s brunch menu has two versions. It is $2 extra for the Hangar One Vodka. Yes … I just paid $11 dollars for a Bloody Mary. It was worth it and I’ll do it again.

The menu varies. They didn’t have the zeppoles today, but the rhubarb tart with strawberry ice cream was excellent.

The omelet today was lobster with chanterelles, avocado and tarragon.

I thought the suisse chocolat was a drink, but it is a pastry. Next time.

Sea Salt has the best cocktail sauce that doesn’t overpower the taste of the raw shelfish. It actually enhanced the flavor of the great little neck and cherrystone clams. Never had a Hawaiian blue prawn which was a large head-on prawn. Good, but not sure if it was worth $3.50. The little shellfish sampling was a nice starter especially with that bloody Mary.

Sea Salt has always been one of my favorite Sunday stops to read the paper on their pretty patio with flower boxes and huge shade trees. Add the bonus of a parking lot only steps from the patio.

For me, the extended hours and the new brunch dishes just make it an even more pleasurable experience.

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  1. Thanks for the report...I have to try that red flannel hash! However, I am wondering: aren't trout and eggs both just a bit of overkill? I am imagining breaking the yolks over the hash, but somehow trout seems a bit much...

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    1. re: susancinsf

      This is really a delicate piece of trout and the whole thing just worked so well together. It may or may not be a special. It isn't on the website sample menu.

      I hope they keep this one as a regular item. I lucked out as it is unlikely I would have ordered it had the other two dishes I wanted were not on the menu that morning. They had frittata but it wasn't with ramps and nettles with bellwether farms ricotta.

    2. That was me who posted about Sea Salt's new brunch, and I'm so glad that you made it there and reported, since I haven't been able to go. I think I'm definitely going to try to make it this weekend, the hash looks fabulous!

      1. Lukas has a brunch dish called "eggs lukas" that is a scramble with smoked trout and creme fraiche. Converted me completely to fish with eggs.

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        1. re: oaktowngirl

          Sounds good, though it wasn't the fish with eggs that I wondered about. It was the fish plus eggs plus beets, plus all the rest...when I visualize eating the dish as rw describes, I see myself removing the trout from the pile and eating it seperately, then enjoying hash with egg yolk...trout seems delicate and the rest seems hearty...but I guess I just have to get over there are try it!

          1. re: susancinsf

            Yeah, the trout is not the star in the dish but is adds an elusive something to the whole. If you get it try at least one bite with the eggs/beets/potatoes. I could have enjoyed the trout on itself but the dish wouldn't have been as good.

        2. After the shock of 900 Grayson being closed for the Memorial Day weekend wore away, we went to brunch at Sea Salt on Saturday. A good substitute. Here's the run down:

          Hangar One Chipotle Bloody Mary -- fantastic...spicy, strong...a great drink although very pricy ($11 with the HO supplement)
          Housemade lamb sausages -- this is first meat dish we've had at Sea Salt and they are good. Almost like three oblong lamb burgers sans the bun. Only $5 for the side.
          Side of peas with Maitake mushrooms and pecorino -- fresh, tasty and a nice addition.
          Trout with red flannel hash -- very good seared trout; potatoes and beets were well-cooked. Had the eggs put on the side. They were perfectly cooked as well. Loved the toast.
          Fried Oyster Sandwich with bacon, scrambled eggs and aoili -- a proud addition to Sea Salt's stellar sandwich lineup. Very briny oysters, strong flavors, great hangover cure.

          Altogether, a nice place for brunch...we'll be back.

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          1. re: The Dive

            Can't wait to try Seasalt for brunch, just rarely in that area on weekends. It has become one of my fav East Bay restaurants; so consistently good. They even make subtle menu variations often which keeps things interesting. Recently they had a smoked salmon torchoin with red beets and goat cheese, amazing!