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Apr 29, 2007 03:47 PM

Cafe BaBaReeba Las Vegas

Have two nights in Vegas. Looking for good food in a fun atmosphere. Cafe BaBaReeba has a great tapas menu. Can anyone recommend this place??

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  1. I L-O-V-E this place. I've been twice in the last week. It's a great lunch spot but doubles as a nice light dinner spot ... and it's great for first dates. ;^ )

    Their sangria is fabulous - try either the blackberry or the peach ( my favorite ). Tapas not to miss: the baked goat cheese with tomato sauce, bacon wrapped dates, and the crab & shrimp gratin. Request a table out on the patio and people-watch to your heart's content in the warm Vegas air this time of year.


    1. I was also looking at this place for a bachelorette party...FYI has gift certificates available.

      1. I'll recommend it. It won't be the best food you've ever eaten in your life, but most of the offerings are stasty, and the staff and ambience contributes to a fun atmosphere.

        1. I wouldn't waste my time at BaBa, when Firefly is just a mile or so away, on Paradise. It's not a chain, and much more authentic tapas, better sangria/mojitos. They've recently opened a sister restaurant, Dragonfly in the same shopping plaza; it's a Japanese tapas/pub food place (izakaya). Haven't been yet, but if it's anywhere as good as Firefly, it'll be a winner.

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          1. re: Vegas Vic

            See, I disagree. Every time I've been to Firefly I've been way underwhelmed. The food is just bland and tasteless to me. BaBa has a better spot ( out on the patio for people watching ) and isn't as closed off. Firefly gets a lot of play from the service industry people who go there after they get off for a bite and usually that would be a sign of a winner, but not so much in this town. I would choose BaBa over Firefly any day of the week.

            Of course this is just my opinion, so ...

            1. re: lvmanager

              I agree on the ppl watching comment, but I'd rather hang with locals than touristas. And I still think FF's food is much better, I've eaten there at least 15 times. Including the bacon wrapped dates!

              Have you been to DragonFly yet? I'm planning lunch there, today....

          2. I've eaten at both Firefly and Ba Ba ReeBa several times. I choose Ba Ba ReeBa in every category. Food, atmosphere, drinks. Sangria is nice but I would prefer spend my money tasting the different Sherrys available. After all, that's the reason tapas were invented. To go with Sherry.