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New(ish) Guatemalan Bakery in Dorchester

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Hi, I've passed by a place on Freeport Street & Dot Ave (close to DBar) called Panaderia y Reposteria Chapina (Guatemalan Bakery and Desserts) a couple of times. Window signs promise baked goods, snacks / appetizers and desserts. It looks intriguing, but I don't know anything at all about Guatemalan food. Has anyone visited this place? Any general thoughts about tasty traditional Guatemalan chow or suggestions on things to order?

Thanks 'hounds!

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  1. I have some students in town from Guatemala & would also like suggestions for where to send them e.g. Eastie, JP, Dot...

    1. I walked by the place the other day. Looks interesting, and there were several people inside. Please go there and report back to us!

      1. Any idea where to find the contact info? I'de love to check this place out.... sounds amazing. Thanks!

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          Antojitos y Panaderia Chapina
          Mon-Sun 9a-9p
          Free Delivery
          299 Hancock St
          Dorchester, MA 02125

          from a review at http://www.dottiehottie.com/?p=101

        2. Unless they have changed hands, they have been there for at least a year or more. I have gone there a couple of times but not recently. Food was OK but if you are craving Guatemalan food it definitely works.

          1. For more on Guatemalan baked goods than most people would want to know, see one of rw orange's recent posts:

            1. i like the tamales de chipilín (tamales filled with masa and chipilín leaves) and rellenitos (deep fried balls of plantain dough filled with black beans). they also have a whole case full of freshly baked guatemalan breads and sweets

              1. I had a completely reasonable experience there on a whim with a friend. We ordered a bit too much fried food which marred the experience a bit due to the fact that our bellies were heavy halfway through. I wasn't blown away by anything, but the food was generally good and I would give it another chance as I love Latin food. The Spanish soap operas blaring on a plasma screen gave it a feeling of true authenticity.