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High Tea

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any suggestions for a place in boston or the suburbs for high tea. i have been to "up on the square" but i wasnt that impressed. it can be casual, i'm just looking for nice tea sandwiches

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  1. I
    've never been but I found this info. You can also check Tea Map. The Colonian Inn in Concord serves their "tea" on Sunday. I also saw an amazing "tea" being served at the Chatham Bar Inn, in Chatham, MA.

    Looking for a proper serving of high tea? Of course, it can be found in Boston. Find out where !

    Four Seasons, Bristol Lounge, Daily 3-4:30pm
    L'Espalier, Saturdays 2-3pm
    Park Plaza Hotel, Swan Lounge, Friday - Sunday, 3-4:30pm
    Boston Harbor Hotel - Intrique Cafe, Daily from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.
    Concord's Colonial Inn - Fri-Sun 3pm to 5pm.
    The Lounge at The Ritz Carlton, Boston, Wednesday - Sunday 2:00pm - 4pm

    1. I've done the high tea at the ritz and the park plaza. both are lovely, can't go wrong with either, but the ritz had a nicer atmophere and better food.

      1. The Colonial Inn Concord is quite good. I didn't like their sandwiches particularly because they were more f the croissant type, filled with sliced cheeses and meats. That was just my experience there, they may have changed sandwich selection.

        When i lived in Tyngsboro, I would sometimes go to Crumpets Tea Room in Andover. They had a wonderful 3-tier tray with mostly tea sandwiches, and a scone or two with preserves. I think it was Queens or Princess or something service.

        In Boston, I would recommend Intrigue @ BHH (harbour setting, ok tea, great food) and Cafe Fleuri's Afternoon Tea service (more traditional room, decent teas, good sandwiches). For a more casual, quick tea, Copley library's Novel is good. The room is very high-domed and i liked the setting, but the acoustics were awful. They serve in good china and silverware, but food was just ok. Still, i was glad for the respite on a rainy day.

        1. I've been to: Bristol Lounge (best food but inconsistent service), The Ritz (second best food and great service), Boston Harbor Hotel (okay food, fine service)

          1. grrrr.. sorry, minor rant. you're actually looking for afternoon tea, not high tea.

            my last few times at the taj the service has been so utterly indifferent, i'm seriously doubting ever returning. i'd vote bristol, then bhh.

            1. Here's a link that might help. Post if you find a good place.


              1. Bristol Lounge; nowhere else in Boston compares. The food is fantastic, the tea is just about as good as you can get in the states and i've never had anything short of great service. As a back up, the Ritz perhpase, but i find the atmosphere a bit much.... do not go to the Bost Harbor Hotel, it's a waste of time.

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                  Six months ago I would have been right there with you on this recommendation, but my Valentine's Day tea there was really disappointing - the food was okay, nothing fantastic at all, and the service was brusque and businesslike when we were longing to be coddled. I had been telling BFP for years how great their afternoon tea was, and was really dismayed.

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                    repeating a previous post but we certainly felt coddled.

                    In case you want a third alternative, a group of us (8) went to high tea at the park plaza and we very pleased with the experience. The room was run by the tea buyer and she was informative and passionate and the teas. As a group, we had the option of sharing as many teas as we wanted (we chose 5) and she explained each one:taste, where it was grown, how it was picked etc). This enriched our experience but may not be everyone's cup of tea. The food was good with a bunch to tea influenced foods such as tea smoked salmon, earl grey infused port and tea infused creme brule, as well as the usual scone, sandwiches, pastries and petit fours. The service costs ~$30.

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                    Allstonian is absolutely correct: the service at the Bristol Lounge verged on contemptuous when we last visited. If I never step foot in that place again, I won't feel my life is in any way diminished.

                  3. The Ritz. Dress up and enjoy yourself. I've been going there since childhood and it's an excursion. The Four Seasons never fails to disappoint me. I think you have to be a member of U2 to get good service there.