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Apr 29, 2007 01:39 PM


I've only tried it a few times, the most memorable from a South American restaurant in Brooklyn - very rich broth, red from tomatoes, spicy, but light/thin with a real depth of flavor. Giant hominy kernels, shredded chicken, onion, fresh cilantro. What a delight.

Got some to go from Purple Cactus in JP and it was a fine soup for a healthy meal, but of course did not at all compare. The broth was too heavy. The chicken were grilled chunks of breast meat. No fresh herbs.


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  1. I had a solid posole at Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square a few years back.

    1. Had posole a couple of years back at Casa Romero (off of Newbury St.). It was what you're describing -- thin, tomato-based broth, big hominy, shredded chicken. To my mind the broth lacked real depth, but I haven't had much other experience with the dish.

      1. Try Jose's Mexican Restaurant?

        131 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140

        1. If you want a basic version that's satisfying just for whenever, Boca Grande has it.

          1. Haven't had it there, but I vaguely remember Jalisco in East Boston having it, but not sure if it's a weekend thing only.

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              Most of the best pozole is going to be found on the weekends in the Latino neighborhoods. Angela's Cafe has it this weekend and my wife just had it for dinner tonight - it was excellent. Angela still has some left for Sunday morning, but it will probably go quick. You can check the boards for recent postings that expand on Angela's Cafe.