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I've only tried it a few times, the most memorable from a South American restaurant in Brooklyn - very rich broth, red from tomatoes, spicy, but light/thin with a real depth of flavor. Giant hominy kernels, shredded chicken, onion, fresh cilantro. What a delight.

Got some to go from Purple Cactus in JP and it was a fine soup for a healthy meal, but of course did not at all compare. The broth was too heavy. The chicken were grilled chunks of breast meat. No fresh herbs.


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  1. I had a solid posole at Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square a few years back.

    1. Had posole a couple of years back at Casa Romero (off of Newbury St.). It was what you're describing -- thin, tomato-based broth, big hominy, shredded chicken. To my mind the broth lacked real depth, but I haven't had much other experience with the dish.

      1. Try Jose's Mexican Restaurant?

        131 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140

        1. If you want a basic version that's satisfying just for whenever, Boca Grande has it.

          1. Haven't had it there, but I vaguely remember Jalisco in East Boston having it, but not sure if it's a weekend thing only.

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              Most of the best pozole is going to be found on the weekends in the Latino neighborhoods. Angela's Cafe has it this weekend and my wife just had it for dinner tonight - it was excellent. Angela still has some left for Sunday morning, but it will probably go quick. You can check the boards for recent postings that expand on Angela's Cafe.

            2. The best version I've had in Boston was at Ole Grill in Inman Square (which they called Pozole Ole), right after they opened a few years ago: very fresh tasting, done with pork, not chicken. I had it later on there sometime in their second year of operation, and it was unremarkable.

              I have not seen it on Ole's menu the last few times I've been there, but I think its food took a significant upswing (and got rather more creative) after the one brother split to open Zocalo. The small plates (bocaditos) are especially nice.

              1. Made a KILLER batch myself 2 weeks ago totally from scratch. I'm not an Ole fan.

                1. The posole at Taqueria Mexico (Coolidge Corner loc) compared to the only other posole I've had, which is the homemade stuff my fiancee's mom (born and raised in Mexico) makes, and sounds fairly like the first one you described. If you go, you should take someone else along and share a bowl -- they give you a lot.

                  Looking at their takeout menu, I don't see it, but I know I had it... the Sunday and Monday soup is Caldo de Menudo, which may the posole, as it's often made with menudo.

                  Tell them want you want, and I wager they'll bring it to you.

                  1. Hi-Rise makes the best and most authentic posole that I have had in Boston. They make it as a dinner usually in the late fall and throughout the winter. Look out for it on their dinner menu!!!

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                    1. Taqueria Michoacan in East Boston has really nice pozole. They serve it all week, but they do sometimes run out of it. That's at 1045 Saratoga Street, which is basically across the street from Orient Heights T stop on the Blue Line. I've also had their Enchiladas Verdes which were delicious. Rosticeria Jalisco in Day Square, also in East Boston serves it as well, but only on the weekends. I've never tried the pozole there, but I've had some of their other items and they were great.

                      1. We had posole at Angela's last night....http://www.chowhound.com/topics/450670. As with all her specials, she rotates things around - so call first if you've got your heart set....