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Apr 29, 2007 12:53 PM

Jalapeno Calamari

Just got back from Vegas and I had the most AMAZING calamari with jalapenos while I was there... Im not much of a cook so does anyone know of anyone that makes thier calamari similar???

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  1. Blackhawk Grille, in Blackhawk (surprise!), has a calamari appetizer called "5 pepper calamari" deep fried in a light crust with deep fried slices of jalapenos and red hot peppers, black pepper and some kind sriracha mayo drizzled over top. Not sure where the 5th pepper is, maybe it's ground white pepper that I can detect. I've had this dish twice, and it was excellent both times, not too spicy unless you're really sensitive to spice. Sitting on the back patio ovelooking the duck ponds on a nice day with a glass of wine would be the best way to enjoy this dish.

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      Grrrrrrr... that sounds SOOOOOOOO good and thank you so much but I live in Santa Rosa!! :(

    2. Blake's Steakhouse in San Jose, though they may be called Picalo's (sp?).

      Many chinese style restaurants sell something similar, called "Pepper Salted". Various kinds of seafood is used, including squid (humboldt) strips and calamari (market squid).

      1. Bistro Ralph used to do a Szechuan pepper calamari. Its in Sonoma County, not sure if they still exist or still have the dish.

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          Yes acutally Bistro Ralph is up in Healdsburg but they dont serve that :( Thank you though!

        2. Many years ago, I had stir-fried calamari with jalapenos at Thanh Long. It was so delicious that I brought my friends in a week later to try it out. Wonder if it's still on their menu...

          1. Betelnut on Union St in SF has been serving this for years

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              Yuet Lee had been serving salt and pepper squid for years when Betelnut opened.

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                And it comes with jalapeno/soy sauce on the side. The one thing that makes me not feel so bad about the fried clam situation in The City.