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Apr 29, 2007 12:51 PM

Thanks! "Do-not miss" post trip

Dear Toronto Chowhounds

Thank you all for your wonderful recommendations that you posted in response to my "Do-not-miss dining: Toronto" query. As you recall, a bunch of us NYC chowhounds were headed for a conference in Toronto. Well, we just got back in town after an absolutely fabulous trip to your beautiful and friendly city.

Our lunches were casual. We wandered through Kensington and St. Lawrence Markets and enjoyed every moment. Chinatown's dumpling stores and the small Vietamese Banh-mi sandwich places provided other great foraging opportunities. I enjoyed my first Mangosteen this side of the Atlantic (here in the US, they have been banned until very recently. I hear the restriction has been lifted but I have not seen any here yet sadly).

In terms of dinners, we ate at Scaramouche Pasta Bar and Grill, Chiado and Perigee. Each night was better than the previous and our final dinner at Perigee was truly one of the best meals I have ever had. Yesteraday, our final day, we went to Lai Wah Heen for dim sum and enjoyed what really was probably the best dim sum this side of Hong Kong! My Chinese colleagues talked about the dishes all the way back to NYC!

It's rare that this group of folks comes back from one of our trips raving about every place we ate at, but our experiences in Toronto were all amazing. Thank you all for your suggestions. I loved your city and look forward to returning soon.


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  1. Hey doc, thanks so much for reporting back on your trip! We're glad that you were able to glean so many great recs from this board. If you have the chance, we'd love to here about your favourite experiences/dishes at your dinners. You picked totally different restaurants, which is such a fantastic way of getting a sense of the city's offereings.

    Thanks again!

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      Egads... I meant "hear about", not "here about". Lesson to all: never post after two glasses of champagne...

    2. So great to hear you rave about this city! Too often TO gets but down on this board for not being...well, enough, especially when compared to NYC. So glad you saw the positive.

      1. As I am headed to Toronto later this week, I'd appreciate a detailed review of those places you ate. I followed your previous post closely and also am thankful for all the wonderful recommendations....can't wait experience Toronto for myself.