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Apr 29, 2007 12:39 PM

Moderately Priced Sushi in NY

We are coming to NYC in June for a few days. We are looking for a Sushi place that is reasonably priced, yet still good. Most of the places on the board a very expensive. Thanks,

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  1. Please clarify what you mean by expensive. Yesterday, we went to Shimizu and did the omakase. They start at $40/person (which is incredibly cheap in New York). We did the one at $80/person. We left incredibly full and satisfied. We had a variety of different items including amberjack, baby sea eels, uni, seared tuna, yellowtail, toro, raw octopus, raw shrimp, deep-fried shrimp head and several other items I just can't recall at this time. They also serve sushi a la carte and have the sushi/sashimi/roll platter which is generally cheaper.

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      I second Shimizu. It is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. Was there for lunch yesterday and we had chirashi $18 and sushi/sashimi combo $20. We were incredibly full and the sushi was very fresh. I almost always end up there when I want sushi and am in the the theater district.

    2. cube 63 has good sushi and is very reasonably priced. Its also BYO which lowers your total bill if you plan on drinking. Make a reservation in advance if you want to go on a weekend.

      1. I had a good meal at Kitaya a month or so ago. Bill was surprisingly modest, restaurant is said to be owned and operated by a Japanese family. Waiter and waitress were college-aged Japanese American kids, very congenial. Only other table was Japanese folks.