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Apr 29, 2007 11:53 AM

Pre-theater restaurant in Cambridge?

We're going to ART on Brattle in Cambridge in June. Any thoughts about a nice place to eat early nearby? We like quiet tables with excellent food of most cultures. The main thing is near the theater and parking that would be open like 5:30...

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  1. There isn't any parking super close to the ART, unless you luck out and score a meter spot. I'd go to Mt. Auburn St. and park in the rear of the building across from the post office. You can get in and out for $11 if you get validated.

    Check online for the menus for Upstairs on the Square, Casablanca, Harvest, Rialto, and Om. All are within a 5 minute stroll to the theater. I've had excellent meals at all in the past few months.

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      I've had two excellent meals at the Monday Club Bar (lower level of Upstairs on the Square) in the last two weeks.

      I'd also highly recommend Sandrine (French/Alsatian) if you have time to walk about 5-7 minutes each way from the theater.

      After the show stop in to Burdick's for some chocolate (liquid or solid, it's all delicious!) If it's warm out I'm a fan of the frozen hot chocolate, very decadent!

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        1. We love Harvest which is very close to ART.