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Apr 29, 2007 11:41 AM

Sonoma restaurants

My three girlfriends and I will be staying at a condo in Sonoma in mid-August. Any suggestions for restaurants and must-see wineries? Also any info on kayaking on the Russian River?

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  1. Hi-

    Just a brief interruption. Discussion of food and wineries in Sonoma are within scope for this board, kayaking or any other non-chow related activity is not within scope, so please, take that discussion elsewhere.

    Thanks for helping us maintain the value and focus of Chowhound as a food site.

    1. you might try the harvest moon cafe on sonoma square

      great wineries in my opinoin are in healdsburg, about a 30 minute drive away but well worth it.

      1. To me, no visit to Sonoma is complete without dinner at Zazu. To me it just epitomizes the area. (Cal-N. Italian, very good, very casual.) Farmhouse Inn, Mirepoix, The Girl and the Fig are all also good choices in differing categories (although the first two are a bit romatic). I've never been to Cyrus but some say it is incredible and worthy of its stars in Michelin, but I've heard enough reports that it is overhyped to thik it is probably a bit inconsistent.

        For wineries...

        1. The original comment has been removed