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Apr 29, 2007 11:21 AM

Indian restaurants

Hi! I'm looking for an authentic and very tasty Indian restaurants in Montreal. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    1. re: carswell

      Thanks, carswell!

      Has anyone been to Punjab Palace recently? This is for a group of friends in the neighbourhood (Villeray/Petite Patrie) - not really foodies, most of them, but I don't want to send them to eat crap either. The fact that it is a byob is a big plus, as it is to celebrate something.

      1. re: lagatta

        It's still there and delicious, if that's what you're asking! I was there last month. It's so inexpensive, which is great for Indian meals with a group-- they'll be able to try tons of dishes.

        1. re: roarlaura

          Does anyone know if Buffet Maharaja is any good?

            1. re: beckybee

              No it's not any good --- as a matter of fact, it's really really bad; don't waste your time or your money. You are better off at any other Indian restaurant downtown. Bombay Palace, Star of India, Le Taj to name 3 that come to mind quickly.

      2. I went to a place called Jubraz (I think) on Van Horne last weekend. The place doesn't look like much but the food is pretty good. We had the onion bajhis and the samosas. The former were crispy and not too oily while the latter were frozen at center and were replaced quickly. The papadums were also really good. We chose the butter chicken and the Korma chicken. The first one was creamy and buttery flavored, rich and unctuous while the meet was perfectly tender. The second was sweet and creamy with some almonds and raisins that all blended well together. The nans were a little sweet but fresh and perfectly cooked. The only bad point for this place is the service. We had what I'd call a veeeerrrrry slllloooowwww eater at the table but I don't think that's any reason to rush people out of the place. Fist, we had to beg to have our water, we had to wave many times and finaly have another patron signaling to the waitress to have our samosas replaced and then, when almost everyone had finished, the waitress came back with the bill and never asked if we wanted tea or dessert and rather asked if eveyrone was ready to pay while our friend was still eating. Ten minutes after, she came back and waited right behind our friend until she emptied her plate and she was just putting her knife back on the plate when the waitress picked it up from her hand. We could have almost pushed us through the door. Really disapointing. I mean, it was barely 9 o'clcok and there was another table that had just came in a few minutes before. The tip wasn't very generous.

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