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Apr 29, 2007 11:12 AM

Savannah Dry availability in New England?

Hi all...

For a long time, I've been wondering if there's any place to get the South African cider called "Savannah Dry" here in New England...

Back in 2000 or so, I discovered it at Austin Liquors in Shrewsbury, MA (on Rt 9 just before Worcester). They have since discontinued carrying it, and I've been worried that it's distribution in the US has been discontinued...

You can find a link to what it looks like, and a description here:

It's more dry than most hard ciders available here in the US, and I really miss it :


Here's hoping there's another Savannah Dry fan who has found a source for this precious nectar.

I'm in the Acton, MA area, but I'm willing to drive pretty much anywhere in New England (within reason, i.e. probably not Caribou, ME) to get it.

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  1. Unfortunately I haven't seen that cider here in the states only in England when I lived there. However, my best suggestion for you is to call Martignettis. They are very friendly and may even be able to order you a case or something or have a better idea where to look

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    1. re: AmandaRG

      It looks like they only do wine and spirits, but I shot an email off to them, and I'll report back my findings.

      I do miss Savannah Dry so...

      1. re: Keithel

        Any luck finding the Savannahh Dry? I've been trying to find it in California, but so far no luck.

        1. re: NDMSF

          Nope.. no luck yet, but then again, I haven't been trying too hard recently.
          I'll keep seeking it, and try to remember to post back here when/if I find it :)

          1. re: Keithel

            Here's a California company, The African Hut, that specializes in South African goods and carries Savanna. Obtw, it is spelled Savanna like the the plains not Georgia :-))

    2. Not sure if this is a help.....I bought a small bottle of hard cider from Nashoba Winery in Bolton MA a month or so ago, cracked it open recently. I thought it was quite dry and was surprised by that.....but it is the only hard cider I've ever tried, so I have nothing to compare it to.

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      1. re: JaneRI

        Nashoba Valley Winery Cider is indeed pretty good, but it's still no Savannah Dry :)
        I guess I just pine for what may be unattainable.

      2. I know you posted this over a year ago but I just moved back to the US from Namibia and was searching around and found this... may not be too helpful but maybe you can order it from somewhere

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        1. re: Coppeliat

          Ooh handy list.. looks slightly promising seeing Connecticut and Rhode Island "TBD" instead of not on the list at all.

          I've just gone on without having any of that tasty beverage since I last had it in oh, 2000 or so... I do miss it though.

          Anyone have any other similarly dry hard ciders that might be easier to come by?
          Savanna Dry has SA Granny Smith apples in it giving it it's dry, not too sweet flavor, and so they say, it's naturally brewed, with no chemical additives.

          1. re: Keithel

            Hi Keithel.
            Did you ever open the link, LOL, I'd provided you above w-a-y back in '07?


            P.S. I don't know why this is displaying in all caps but I ain't shouting, honest!

        2. Oh my gosh! Love it too. We just found it at Liquor Mart in Whittier, Ca! Don't know if this helps but we are so glad we found it! you will probabbly need to call them since they just said they got it this week!

          Liquor Mart -
          13583 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier - (562) 693-7731

          1. Hello,
            I recently spend three months in Africa and fell in love with Savanna! Since I have been back I have looked for it all over but haven't had any luck. Just wondering if you have any updates on finding it in New England. Thanks!