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Apr 29, 2007 11:03 AM

London Broil in the Crockpot

Anyone have success in cooking london broil in a crockpot? I want to brown it first then throw it in there with wine, garlic, onion etc...

My friends mom said no. It's not good that way. She's a good cook so I am worried.


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  1. Yep. Do it. Brown it good and caramelized though. Caramelize the onions a touch too just to take away that sharp raw onion taste. Deglaze the pan with some of the wine and toss it in too. Dry mushrooms are a good thing as they will rehydrate along the way. A small can of diced tomatoes in juice or puree is a nice thickner too. I always put in 2 stalks of celery at the bottom (tossed, not eaten) and a layer of baby carrots to keep the roast off the bottom of the pot. It's lovely...especially after a damn long day at work and walking in the house to dinner. Make some garlic buttermilk mashed, a nice green salad and a beautiful glass of wine. (I just made dinner for Tuesdays rainy dreary-ness)

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      I did something very similar to what you said. It tasted like a stew, So good!

    2. Although it should be fine, it will be, essentially, a braise or stew. I'm assuming your London broil is a flank steak. By the time you have browned it, it will be done. Why not slice it thin and eat it? Use a cheaper, fattier cut of beef to make an even better crock pot stew.

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        I'm sort of curious about that "use a cheaper, fattier cut of beef" - you always hear that the cuts of meat suitable for stewing are cheaper, but I rarely see meat cheaper than London Broil cuts (usually on sale at one of the grocery stores for about 1.99/lb or so). Occasionally I'll see a 7 bone roast on sale cheaper than that, but rarely, and you're paying for a lot of bone.

        I'd guarantee that the meat the stores will cut up and advertise specifically as "stew meat" is more expensive! I don't mind doing the cutting up myself, I just don't see any appropriate beef any cheaper?

        What should I be looking for instead? And/or where are you finding the "cheaper" cuts?

        1. re: Kuisine

          I suppose it varies by city, and even by neighbourhood.

          Where I live, Toronto, "London broil" (which is a recipe rather than a cut of meat) is usually flank steak. Flank has become quite expensive in recent years. It used to be very cheap. This is even more true for lamb shanks (which are a great crock pot meat). It appears that, where you live, either flank is still cheap or what is sold as "London broil" uses different cuts. A blade roast, to my taste, makes much better stew than a flank and is cheaper here.

          Brisket and beef grilling ribs are very expensive in Toronto's Jewish neighbourhoods; much cheaper when available in other parts of town.

        2. re: embee

          London Broil in supermarkets is often a thicker round steak.