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Apr 29, 2007 10:56 AM

Roasted Green Chilies in Denver

Looking for a place to buy roasted chilies in Denver area - this time of year, I may have to settle for frozen - but would love to find fresh - any ideas?

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  1. The chile roasters chow up around August and are here until October. See for locations. Meanwhile, perhaps try the Latin supermarket on South Federal (Avanza?).

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      I don't think you'll find any fresh since harvest doesn't start until the end of summer. You can get frozen and just about any grocery store in the area. During harvest time you'll find it available at many farmer's markets (I bought mine in Longmont last year), Whole Foods and many grocery stores.

      1. re: RobynS

        I'll wonder if you can get them frozen at hispanic markets during this season.

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          Thanks everybody! I can't believe I've lived here for 6 years and haven't sought out good roasted chiles yet! I will definitely check out Avanza - I've been wondering what it's like, so a trip there would be fun. And, I will probably end up settling for frozen for now - I have seen them at King Soopers now that I've been actually been paying attention and looking for them. Anyway, thanks for the input! Claire - we love your culinarycolorado website - - love your blog from today and couldn't agree more.

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